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Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Nurture a Diverse and Inclusive Work Culture through customized Gender Sensitization Strategies and Programs

Health & Wellness Portfolio

Drive productivity and profitability by creating a healthy and stress-free environment for employees

Leadership and Talent Development

Build a robust Talent Pipeline through Coaching, Bespoke Training and Leadership Development Programs Interventions


Human Resource Consulting

Improve Organisational performance by designing and implementing comprehensive HR processes with measurable HR metrics and outcomes

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Sonica Aron at Zee Business | Is Working 70 Hours a Week Worth It?

What is the purpose and intent behind this idea? Is it literally about the numbers or there’s a broader perspective around it? Most of us have worked 70 hours a week at some point in our career. But is it advisable on a sustainable basis and was that the message

DEI Sensitization sessions at VFS Global

DEI Sensitization sessions can be delivered in many ways. The key is to understand the participants’ demographics and partner with them during the session, just in case they were not solicited at the time of designing the curation. It is not always about telling what is the right thing to

Women’s Leadership Session at Piramal Pharma Limited

Women’s Leadership Journey continues with Life at Piramal Pharma, Piramal Pharma Limited. This time the focus was on building a support system that is invested in their success and growth, breaking barriers to networking, creating visibility, building positive relationships and building a repertoire for impactful communication. One of the privileges