Due to the widespread use of outsourcing and remote collaboration models in the country’s IT sector, Indian experts gained major remote work experience

By Sonica Aron & Nital Shah

India has long been recognised as a significant player in the global tech sector, and in the age of remote employment it is still a source of tech talent for multinational corporations. Wide-ranging tech expertise among Indian experts contributes to their prominence in the global tech sector. The Covid pandemic accelerated the shift to remote work, with countless employees worldwide transitioning from traditional office setups to working from home. Companies that were previously hesitant or resistant to remote work quickly implemented the necessary infrastructure and tools to enable their employees to work remotely.

Due to the widespread use of outsourcing and remote collaboration models in the country’s IT sector, Indian experts gained major remote work experience. They are skilled at collaborating and communicating across distances, and they have practiced working productively in remote teams. In the present remote work environment, this experience is very beneficial.

Commenting on the job opportunities and layoffs in the IT sector, Sonica Aron, founder and managing partner, Marching Sheep, said, “India has become a preferred destination for global companies seeking talent in the remote work era. India’s immense talent pool and growing market have become a major attraction for global companies expanding their business in India. The demand for skilled tech professionals is increasing among global companies as Indian professionals have proven their ability to work effectively in virtual environments, communicate across borders, and deliver high-quality results during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. While the tech sector in India has experienced significant growth and created numerous job opportunities, it has also witnessed instances of layoffs and job cuts in the recent past. Despite the layoffs, the industry offers a wide range of opportunities, and the demand for tech professionals remains strong. Many companies are actively hiring and expanding their operations, reflecting the overall growth and potential of the Indian tech sector. The trend of tech companies investing in India is likely to continue as the country’s tech ecosystem continues to grow and evolve. Indian Workforce is also a young workforce, with 52 per cent zillenials and millennials and this percentage will go up to 70 per cent by 2025, making India an attractive talent destination.”

India’s rise as a hub for global technology has been facilitated by the abundance of young, skilled workers. It has been witnessed that the youth in India have embraced remote employment as a flexible and satisfying choice. They now have more opportunities, a better work-life balance, are more productive, and can connect with a larger professional network due to it. The youthful Indian workforce’s professional objectives and preferred workstyles now heavily incorporate remote work. Remote working even benefits women in the tech industry making it easier for them to maintain work-life balance.

India is the leading country for international businesses looking for IT talent in the remote hiring era because of its sizable talent pool, high-quality education system, English proficiency, cost-effectiveness, and remote work experience and government assistance. India continues to be a key factor in driving the expansion and innovation of the global tech sector as the globe gets more connected.

Expressing on to the IT talent pool in India, Nital Shah, COO, Uplers, said, “India has established itself as a top destination for tech skills in the remote hiring era. Through the work that we do, I personally get to see the remarkable potential of India’s talented professionals and their invaluable contribution to global organizations. Given the global shortage of top tech talent, and India being poised to be the largest working age population in the world with top-notch tech and skills, India stands well-poised. With a strong emphasis on technical education and a culture of continuous learning, Indian professionals are well-versed in a range of technology and digital skills. This expertise has become a valuable asset for companies worldwide. Furthermore, India’s adaptability to remote work has been truly impressive. As the world moved towards a remote work set-up, Indian professionals seamlessly transitioned leveraging their tech proficiency as well as the willingness to work remotely across time zones. English language communication skills and cross-cultural communication effectiveness has enabled Indians to collaborate effectively across borders. Hence, I firmly stand by the belief that India’s rich talent pool and adaptability to remote work make it an unrivalled choice for global companies seeking top-tier tech expertise. India’s contributions to the global tech industry are poised to continue expanding, driving innovation and success on a global scale.”

India’s dominance in the tech skills domain is undeniable. Skilled professionals from India are frequently praised for having a strong work ethic, being dedicated, and being committed to producing high-quality work. India’s growing importance as a global technology hub is evidenced by the increased interest of big international corporations in hiring Indian tech workers. As this trend continues, Indian professionals will have ample opportunities to contribute to the success of leading global companies and further strengthen India’s position in the global tech ecosystem.

Sonica Aron is the founder and managing partner at Marching Sheep. Nital Shah is the COO at Uplers.

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