At the ripe, old cricketing age of 36, Dinesh Karthik (DK) has thrashed open the door to the Indian national team, on the strength of almost-preternatural exploits as “finisher” for Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2022. In sports, where age is measured by reflexes, “senility” and retirement dawn early. Ageism is therefore inevitable, and a form of it, even healthy and acceptable. With a strike rate of 191 and an average of 57.40 and turnaround performances sustained over 14 matches, DK has become a folk-hero in cricketing terms, because these figures do not usually go with ageing muscles in a format as fraught as T20. While bludgeoning hapless bowlers over the ropes for massive sixes, he was parallelly hitting a stereotype out of the park. At least for some time to come, DK (who in fact turns 37 on June 1) will be a reminder that the axe cannot be wielded indiscriminately, certainly not with just the age factor forcing the hand. DK has created new synapses in how the cricketing brain processes age.

The question waiting for an answer: How to create similar synapses in the corporate brain?

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