The COVID-19 pandemic has dented India quite hard. It has not only impacted the functioning of businesses or employment of people but has also resulted in the loss of many innocent lives. While nothing can compensate for the loss of a loved one, any small step of assistance or generosity towards the community is always a welcome gesture. Seeing the scenario, many companies in India have come forth to help their employees and the community at large with different initiatives and schemes. It includes giant brands as well as the startup community.

For instance, O₂ Cure, an air purification brand has installed more than 200 air purifiers that can neutralize coronavirus by 99% in the COVID-19 wards. Some prominent hospitals include Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Lilavati Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, and Medicity Hospital. Their parent company, Zeco Aircon conducted a Covid-19 vaccination camp at their Bahadurgarh (Haryana) factory premises in which they vaccinated 140 people. This also includes the company’s employees and social workers.

Adloid, an AR-based technology company has come up with an initiative to help small and middle-class retailers. They will deploy their AR feature application on the retailer’s micro-website and will facilitate them to share a 360-degree trial run experience of the products their customers wish to buy. If the business is not having a website then Adloid will provide them with an online link that can be shared with customers in the form of text or messages. This will lead to contact-less and virtual try-on of products and will help these small scale businesses to regain customers and boost their businesses.

Such tough times call for a superlative effort from the top management towards their employees as they are fighting with both corona and mental pressure.

Sharing his thoughts, Diwakar Chittora, Founder & CEO of Intellipaat says, “The situation with COVID-19 has deteriorated, and we are now facing huge global challenges. As a result, the Intellipaat team took a step forward to prevent the virus from spreading. As we have always been concerned about our employees, we regularly interact with them on their well-being, and if they have any health issues, we guide them to the best doctors and hospitals. We have a covid warrior team which includes top management and TL. If someone requires assistance, we will make every effort to arrange for a hospital bed, medications, an oxygen cylinder, or a doctor appointment as soon as possible.”

“The company is also communicating with private hospitals for vaccination programs for the office and has set aside separate funds for it. However, the government is currently handling the whole procedure. Once they give green light to private hospitals, we will organize a vaccination campaign for the entire office at Intellipaat’s expense,” he further added.

The pandemic did post many challenges in front of us but seeing the combined efforts from the Indian community, we can be assured that assistance is round the corner. If we keep pushing collectively as a country, days are not far away that the deadly virus will no longer be deadly, it might take some time but is very much doable! Like Sonica Aron, Founder & Managing Partner of Marching Sheep highlights –

“There is no one right answer, but every effort is commendable and will make a difference.”