Self-testing should slow down the spread of COVID-19 significantly. – Hasmukh Rawal, Mylab Discovery Solutions

We must ensure that the right to access COVID-19 specific healthcare is safeguarded and ensured by the state during the pandemic. – Sharon Mathew, COVIDRights

In a post-Covid-19 world where people are likely to be at the risk of respiratory diseases, the need for cleaner air cannot be stressed enough. – Kishan Jain, Goldmedal Electricals

The emergence of COVID-19 has already displayed the consequences of the loss of ecosystems. By encroaching natural habitats and replacing them with skyscrapers, we have created ideal conditions for pathogens to thrive. – Bikrant Tiwary,

Covid has changed the consumer outlook towards good health and immunity. – Nevin Aggarwal, Lasons

Health insurance was always a push category, now it is a pull category. – Sneha Beriwal, Aditya Birla Capital Health Insurance

The pandemic is going to have a disproportionate impact on the mental and sexual wellbeing of teenagers. – Premanshu Singh, Paytm Insurance

Immediate temporary rehabilitation of children through the existing child care facilities supported under the Child Protection Services scheme must be ensured. – Ram Mohan Mishra, Women and Child Development Ministry

Building a positive relationship with a child in distress is the key – one where the child slowly becomes comfortable over time and start putting their faith in the people around. – Puja Marwaha, CRY

Children who have lost parental care are in a state of shock and have to be handled with tremendous care. – Sumanta Kar, SOS Children’s Villages of India

The young people hold the key to leading our country out of the current crisis and towards hope and healing. If we can equip young people with the right support, they can change the course of the COVID-19 trajectory in India. – Usha Sharma, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

As the world reels under the effects of a global pandemic, we have been reminded once again about the looming threats to global ecology. – Anuranjita Kumar, WiT-ACE

The global economy is showing some recovery but the path remains uncertain. – Shaktikanta Das, RBI Governor

If we adjust for inflation, we find that 97 percent of the households in the country have witnessed a decline in incomes during the pandemic. – Mahesh Vyas, CMIE

Risks to India’s credit profile, including a persistent slowdown in growth, weak government finances, and rising financial sector risks, have been exacerbated by the shock. – Moody’s

The repetition of workers migration and availability of working capital coupled with dismal demand are the pressing challenges for the MSME sector amid the second wave of COVID-19. – Vikas Gupta,

Supply chains are in poor condition. Even as festivals approach, we are unlikely to meet increasing demand as our production is hampered by supply chain disruptions and shortage of labour. – Rakesh Saini, Kross Stitch

Logistics as a sector has shown tremendous resilience despite significant disruptions on account of COVID-19. – Bama Balakrishnan, Northern Arc

Infusing liquidity will provide the much-needed liquidity support to cash-strapped hospitality businesses without which the industry couldn’t have survived. – Gurbaxish Singh Kohli, FHRAI

The advent of the new normal will only hasten the adoption of conscious consumerism. – Tarun Sharma, mCaffeine

The beauty and personal care industry has grown exponentially over the last few years; especially since the COVID-19 ordeal pushed the industry to grow rapidly. – Reetesh Dhingra, Wiz Care

The global pandemic has really been a harsh teacher, punishing the laggards of technology adoption and rewarding the leaders of innovation. – Alex Siow, ‘Leading with IT’

In terms of education, a blended form of learning, one that combines the best of online and offline learning, will emerge. – Divya Gokulnath, BYJU’s

In the prevailing financial climate, inventory management setup with accounting software lends a competitive edge to businesses by minimizing risks, automating mundane processes, and reducing costs. – Rajesh Gupta, Busy Infotech

The effect of Covid has been devastating but entrepreneurs need to identify the right pockets of opportunity in this adversity. – Bhavin Turakhia, Zeta

Leadership will no longer be about power and authority but more about how much value can the leader add to a team members’ life and career. – Sonica Aron, Marching Sheep

The human side of management is more important than ever. It has been tough on people and a good manager needs empathy. – Simon Roberts, Stripe Partners

It’s okay to be afraid. Fear can also be fuel for change – so recognise what makes you afraid, stay with it, and see if you can channel it towards a creative end. – Payal Arora, ‘The Next Billon Users’

Moving from being comfortable with certainty to being comfortable with uncertainty, has always been an important skill for designers, and the last 14 months have tested this more than most. – Andy Budd

Creativity has been the light that has kept us bright when the world seems to have gone dark. – Sanjana Shah, Tao Art Gallery

Living with COVID-19 has highlighted our connectedness and the importance of nurturing international collaboration. – Danielle Olsen, Wellcome Trust

It is important to be participative and not be passive on the sidelines. Extend your skills to not-for-profits and communities that need help. Today. – Jay Dutta, DesignUp

There is nothing bigger than the power of collective action. When people come together in the way we have in the last two months, we can save hundreds of lives. – Sanjana Sanghi