Feedback from participants on our virtual program on DEI certification in partnership with FICCI

We conducted the first batch for our Diversity Equity and Inclusion Certification in partnership with FICCI. This is what our participants had to say, the feedback was so overwhelming and made us proud. Our next batch starts in November 2022.  #MarchingSheep #Diversityandinclusion #conversationsforchange #conversationsthatmatter #respectandequalityforall #Makeadifference #DEI

Rise of non-binary pronouns and their significance

A big thanks to Abheena Aher and Ankita Mehra for educating us on such a important aspect of diversity. #marchingsheep #respectandequalityforall #conversationsforchange #conversationsthatmatter #makeadifference #diversityandinclusion #diversityequityandinclusion

Sonica Aron speaks at India Achievers Forum, Winner of Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that the Founder & Managing Partner for Marching Sheep, Sonica Aron has been awarded as the Women Entrepreneur of The Year award at the 62nd National Summit on Atmanirbhar Bharat: Vision of New India for her outstanding professional achievement & contribution to nation building. This recognition is a testimony of the evolving journey of Marching Sheep as an organization with a #purpose to make a difference to the society and touch people’s lives and careers. It is a moment of immense pride not just for her as an entrepreneur but for Marching Sheep as a team. We would like to thank the Indian Achievers Forum for giving us this opportunity to be a part of such an inspiring event. #Diversityandinclusion #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #AtmanirbharBharat #Visionofnewindia #Nationbuilding #Respectandequalityforall #influentialleaders #MarchingSheep #Makeadifference #Purposedrivenorganisation

Marching with Pride- In Conversation with Chris Folwell

Through the month, we have had conversations with leaders from the LGBTQIA community, to increase awareness about lived realities, challenges and obstacles they face along their life stages, from growing up to employment, to workplace inclusion. Each speaker brought in diverse perspectives, and we hope with these perspectives have given our viewers some food for thought, some insights on what can be done to make real change on ground and how each one of us can be a part of this change. On 28th, we have with us, Chris Folwell, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, EMEA at Uber. He will share his journey and perspective, insights of being part of the community in UK in the 90s and now. Do join for an insightful conversation.

Marching with Pride- In Conversation with Abhina Aher

Abhina is a celebrated member of transgender community and has shared her story on multiple platforms and many of you would be already aware of her journey, her struggles and her achievements. She is a transgender activist in India working in the HIV and human rights since last 25 years. She is post graduate in NGO Management from S.I.E.S College Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra and holds diploma in software engineering from Boston Computer Institute. She was awarded with Rex Award in 2014, Global Innovator in 2017 and Enby Round Table Award in 2020 for her community work. She started first trans led dancing group for queer advocacy in India called ‘Dancing Queens’ and established first collaborative organization between transwomen & transmen in India called TWEET – (Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust) Foundation in India. Currently she is working as technical expert on key population with I-TECH India. Join us as she shares her insights about a 360 degree approach on building an inclusive would for the transgender community, the discrimination within the LGBTQIA community itself, the need for basic civil and human rights, and a lot more! #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Diversityequityandinclusion #Marchingsheep #Makeadifference #Marchingwithpride #Outandproud #Respectandequalityforall

Marching with Pride- in Conversation with Ankita Mehra

A theme that keeps coming up when we talk with individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community is, when does an individual from the community reveal their authentic selves to the world- what we commonly hear as the term ‘coming out’. Is it a one time event? What does it take- mentally, emotionally for person to come out? What implications it has on their life? Has the society enabled them to come out? To have an in depth conversation on this theme, we have a very special person, Ankita Mehra. A Changemaker and supporting the changemakers! Today, Lead D&I at careernet, Linkedin creator with more that 30000 followers, recognised as the top 20 D&I Leaders in India, Young achievers award receiver- Roteract, India’s top 20 LGBTQ+ Youth, Ex-Roadies contenstant, D&I advocate featured across multiple platforms like YourStory, NDTV, Youth ki awaz, Economic Times and many other leading publications. Do join us for this conversation! #Marchingsheep #Marchingwithpride #Outandproud #Makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #Comingout #diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Concersationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange #diversityandinclusion

Marching with Pride- In conversation with Zainab Javid Patel

Marching Sheep presents a #paneldiscussion on the Role of Managers and Leaders in building an inclusive culture.

Inclusion needs consistent, continuous and concrete efforts, a deep understanding of challenges that members of the LGBTQIA+ community face, right from childhood to education to employment to societal acceptance, the fact that it is not a level playing ground when members of the community are often denied basic education, shelter or healthcare.

For this conversation, we have with me Zainab Javid Patel. Her Pronouns are She/ Her/ Hers. I had the honour of moderating a panel where she came in as a speaker at the Business World Conference, and her passion for inclusion, her knowledge, her courage, her candour is contagious! Zainab is a transgender person and is one of the petitioners in the National Legal Services Authority v. Union of India case on transgender rights. She currently works with Pernod Ricard India as the Chief Inclusion and Diversity Lead. She will talk about living life on her own terms- personally and professionally!

Do join us on 7th June, 7 pm IST/ 9.30 am EST/ 3.30 pm CET

#Marchingsheep #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #Marchingwithpride #Outandproud #LGBTQplus #Pridemonth2022 #Prideinclusion #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #Diversitymatters #inclusionmatters #Diversityandinclusion

Marching with Pride- In Conversation with Celia Daniels

As we step into the month of June, a month celebrated as the Pride Month across the Globe, we bring to you a series of 5 conversations with leaders from the LGBTQ+ community, who will share their journey, lived experiences and their thoughts on what it would take to build an inclusive world.

On 2nd June, we have with us Celia Sandhya Daniels. Celia is an Asian Indian non-op trans women of colour who is an entrepreneur, musician, photographer, story teller, activist and a blogger. Born in a conservative family in southern India, she writes and speaks passionately about her struggles and challenges she faced in her family, work and community both in US and India.

As a management consultant with top fortune 100 companies, she educates, empowers and advocates for transgender and gender non-binary individuals in the corporate world. She has built allyship with local businesses, police dept, therapists, doctors, churches and civil rights organizations in US and India to educate them about bullying, transgender violence, discrimination, healthcare policies and employment.

Do join us for an enriching conversation.

#Marchingwithpride #Outandproud #Pridemonth #Diversitymatters #inclusionmatters #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #Diversityequityandinclusion #diversityandinclusion #Marchingsheep #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall

Panel Discussion- Role of Managers and leaders in Building a culture of Inclusion

Marching Sheep presents a #paneldiscussion on the Role of Managers and Leaders in building an inclusive culture.

Employees experience an organisation through their managers.

How managers and leaders support employees, of all backgrounds, genders, ethnicity, sexuality, and allow them to bring their authentic selves to work, to bring their best forward defines the true culture of an organization. Leaders and Managers play a critical role in building elements of a culture of belonging.

In this Panel Discussion, we are going to speak with #Industryleaders, Rachana Panda & Country Group Head Communications, PA & Sustainability (South Asia) from Bayer, Ganga Ganapathi Poovaiah (she/ her), VP, Marketing and Client Success from, Epsilon and Tanima Dhawan, HR Director of Zoo Media and gather their insights and experiences on this topic.

Do join us on Friday, 8th April, 7 PM, live on our Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube Channel and be a part of this enriching conversation.

#Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #makeadifference #Inclusiveculture #Managers #Leaders #Leadershipspeak #Thoughtleadership #Marchingsheep #Respectandequalityforall

iBreak- In conversation with Dr, Ankita Singh

In our first episode, Sarah tabet spoke about how vulnerability and courage go hand in hand. We have an inspirational story today of a woman, who realised early on that what society expected of her, and what she wanted from her life were very different. While it left her vulnerable it did not make her any less brave, as she focussed on what she wanted and pursued her dreams with full conviction.
So Today we have with us Dr. Ankita Singh, who is a role model to many of us today.

DR Ankita Singh, Senior Vice President and Global Head of HR at CIGNEX and Founder: HR Association of India.

Women can have it all, it’s just we have to define our ‘all’ instead of letting others define our all. Everything becomes clear once we define our all and work towards achieving it. Ankita’s story is testimonial to that where she defined her all, and went after it without guilt. Did she face challenges- yes, but she never wavered from her goals. And today here she is …. Living the life of her dreams… and we are all entitled to live a life that we dream of.

Do join us today to hear her journey in full!

#Marchingsheep #iBreak #Breakthebias #Internationalwomensday2022 #IWD #Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #Diversityandinclusion

iBreak- In conversation with Divisha Choudhary

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, parenthood have no gender and yet terms like ‘women entrepreneurs’, ‘women leaders’, ‘working mothers’ seem to stick and perpetuate bias. Well, this year’s International women’s day theme is #Breakthebias and through these candid conversations we are trying to do just that, bring forth some of the lived realities, questions these #stereotypes and biases and in the process break them.

In Shark Tank India, 43% of the business that were pitched had women as founders or co-founders.

In this vonversation, we have with us Divisha Choudhary, the co-founder of Bevzilla. She is 23 years old, and runs her own business.

#Marchingsheep #iBreak #Conversationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange #Makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #Diversity #inclusion #Diversityequityandinclusion #Internationalwomensday #IWD2022 #Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters

Break the Rut, take a Sabbatical! Alok Kohli TEDxIIMRohtak

#Gendernorms, #Stereotypes, #Genderroles impact everyone. This year the #Internationalwomensday theme is #Breakthebias. Watch is amazing #TedxTalk where @Alok Kohli talks about #Sabbaticals and how they help. In a society where #careerbreaks are frowned upon, there are judgmental views from just about everyone- from family, to search partners to hiring managers, watch this talk to bust some myths and break the bias.

#Conversationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange #Diversity #Inclusion #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #iBreak

HRAI virtual conference series in association with Marching Sheep

Presenting Ms. Sonica Aron in conversation with Ms. Shobha Pandey

#MarchingSheep #Diversityandinclusion #HRAI #respectandequalityforall #conersationsforchange #conversationsthatmatter

Nandita Krishan -Operations Head North – Marching Sheep for a speaker session at Amity School

The role of HR has evolved over the years and COVID has brought light to a whole new role of HR. NEXUS, the HR club of Amity School of Business recently invited our Operations Head – North and Head – Organization Development, Nandita Krishan for a speaker session on “Evolving Role of HR in New world”.

#MarchingSheep #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #Virtualsession

HRAI virtual conference series in association with Marching Sheep

Presenting Ms. Sonica Aron in conversation with Ms. Richa Singh

#MarchingSheep #Diversityandinclusion #HRAI #respectandequalityforall #conersationsforchange #conversationsthatmatter

HRAI virtual conference series in association with Marching Sheep

Presenting Ms. Sonica Aron in conversation with Ms. Charu Ahluwalia

#MarchingSheep #Diversityandinclusion #HRAI #respectandequalityforall #conersationsforchange #conversationsthatmatter

iBreak- In conversation with Minal Srivastava!

A question that begs an answer is, where are all those women, who were recruited between 2001 and 2010, should they not have been at leadership levels today? Why were we not able to retain them, nurture them, grow them?

The answer lies somewhere between the approach taken by the organisations and the deep rooted biases and stereotypes that still exist, and need to be broken. And to do that, we will have a candid conversation with Minal Srivastava, who will take us through her journey of navigating through personal and professional life, breaking barriers and emerging as a leader on her own terms.

An alumnus of MICA, Minal Srivastava comes with more than 19 years of robust work experience. She joined the Dalmia Bharat Group, a manufacturing conglomerate dealing in Cement, Sugar & Refractories from Shalimar Paints- the oldest paints brand in South Asia. She has worked with brands like Apple, Kohler, Usha international. She is actively involved across various mentoring platforms helping hone more women leaders and encourage participation of women in business.

Over the years she has also consulted many starts ups and helped craft their strategy, growth and marketing.

She is a Recipient of multiple awards -recognised as ‘Exceptional Woman Of Excellence’ 2019 – conferred by WEF, 50 Most Influential Strategy Leaders 2019, 50 Most Influential Women, 2020.

#Marchingsheep #Makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #diversity #diversityequityandinclusion #diversityandinclusion #conversationsthatmatter #conversationsforchange #breakthebias #iBreak #Internationalwomensday2022

iBreak- In conversation with Sarah Tabet

Ordinary women #BreaktheBias everyday to do extraordinary things and set examples for others. We bring to you a series of Candid conversations, #Conversationsforchange with 5 such women who have chosed to break the bias and live life on their own terms.

Join us as we speak with Sarah Tabet, who is not just a successful HR and diversity and inclusion professional, but also an author, a speaker, a torch bearer for equity and equality. Born and brought up in Lebanon, now based in Dubai, hear her share her journey.

Sonica Aron recognized amongst the India’s 20 most DEI influential leaders

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that our Founder & Managing Partner, Sonica Aron has been recognized amongst the India’s 20 most DEI influential leaders conceptualized and curated by Transformance forums. We would like to thanks Transformance Forums for this opportunity, It was an honor for Marching Sheep to participate in the 4th Diversity & Inclusion Summit & Awards. #Diversityandinclusion #conversationsthatmatter #conversationsforchange #MarchingSheep #infuentialleaders

21 Marching- In conversation with Major D.P.Singh

We look forward to welcoming all of you to our last conversation under the campaign 21 Marching, a series of 21 conversations to understand the 21 disabilities covered under the RPWD act 2016. We are have a very special speaker with us in this conversation, Major D P Singh , a war veteran, amputee, marathoner, skydiver, change maker & a motivational speaker. He was fatally injured in Op Vijay (1999, Kargil war) due to enemy shelling. From being declared dead once, he rose to become 1st amputee marathon runner, 1st blade runner of India and 1st Asian disabled to do solo skydiving. He has multiple disabilities which he will be talking about. He has authored the book- Grit: The Major Story and says that- “Even if one person gets some hope, I would feel blessed for the challenges I faced in my life” He today runs his own NGO- The Challenging ones. He is a motivational speaker at corporates like Coca Cola, Mckinsey, Audi, Deloitte, Asian, Unilever, Infosys, ICICI bank, Castrol, Godrej, and many many more. His list of awards and recognition is long… so don’t miss this episode! #21Marching #Marchingsheep #PWDinclusion #personswithdisabilities #Conversationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange #Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Diversityequityandinclusion #Diversityandinclusion #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall

21 Marching- In Conversation with Dr. J. S. Arora

In this conversation, we are going to speak with Dr. J. S. Arora on three disabilities- Sickle cell disease, Thalassemia, Hemophelia. Dr. J.S. Arora is a Thalassemialogist, MSc in Haemoglobinopathy from University College London. He is General secretary of National Thalassemia Welfare Society, Federation of Indian Thalassemics; Member of State Blood Transfusion Council Govt. of Delhi, Founder Member of Indian Alliance of Patient Groups, Founding Trustee, Genomics And Public Health Foundation, Member: WHO Advisory Group, Patients for Patient Safety Programme. Sickle cell disease, Thalassemia amd Hemophilia are lifelong conditions that need life long treatment. Dr. Arora will help us understand these disabilities in detail. #21Marching #PWDinclusion #personswithdisabilities #diversityequityandinclusion #diversityinclusion #inclusionmatters #conversationsthatmatter #conversationsforchange #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall

21 Marching- In conversation with Jayashree P Kunju!

We are going to speak with Jayashree P Kunju, CEO of IBAS Global, a company providing coaching and training for global professional courses like CIMA UK, ACCA UK, IFRS, CMA USA and CPA USA etc, and providing consulting in financial strategy for companies in India and abroad. Having worked in both industry and in consulting, she brings with her over 30 years of experience in project implementation, financial consultancy, coaching and training. She is a member of board of IDEA – International Association for Integration, Dignity and Economic Advancement and Vice Chair of Lepra Society. Both these charities work for the cause of leprosy. Jayashree llives in Bangalore with her husband Jayant Gandhi, who is also her business partner at IBAS. She is a leprosy cured person, leading a successful professional and personal life. #21Marching #Marchingsheep #PWDinclusion #Diversityandinclusion #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall

Panel Discussion- Disability does not mean Inability

On the occasion of International day of Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December, we bring to you another #virtualpaneldiscussion on the topic “Disability does not mean Inability” International Day of Persons with Disabilities has been promoted by the United Nations since 1992. The observance of the Day aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. It also seeks to increase awareness of gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of life. The theme this year is Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID-19 world. In the panel discussion, we will have people from the industry who are working in the space of making employment for people with disabilities a reality, and will share their valuable perspectives and experiences on his topic -Alina Alam from Mitti Cafe, Shobha Pandey from John Deere, Reena Ravi from Kocreate, Rama Krishnamachari from DEOC and Anjali Vyas, India MS person 2021. #Internationaldayofpersonswithdisability #PWDinclusion #inclusionmatters #diversitymatters #diversityandinclusion #makeadifference #marchingsheep #respectandequalityforall

21 Marching- In Conversation with Shloka Shankar

This Thursday, 2nd December, 5 pm, we are going to talk with Shloka Shankar, a poet, editor, publisher, and self-taught visual artist from Bangalore, India. She enjoys experimenting with Japanese short-forms and myriad found poetry techniques alike. A Best of the Net nominee and award-winning haiku poet, her poems and artwork have appeared in over 200 online and print venues of repute. Shloka was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 9. Muscular Dystrophy (MD) is a group of neuromuscular genetic disorders that cause muscle weakness and overall loss of muscle mass. MD is a progressive condition; meaning that it gets worse with the passage of time. At present, there is no cure available for Muscular Dystrophy. #21Marching #marchingsheep #PWDinclusion #Peoplewithdisabilities #Inclusionmatters #Diversitymatters #Diversityandinclusion #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #respactandequalityforall #makeadifference

21 Marching- In conversation with Deepshikha Sharma

Today we have with us Deepshikha Sharma, Diagnosed with Dyslexia, at the age of 5 years. She is today a successful corporate professional, A Goodreads certified author and a motivational speaker who delivers guest lectures in schools and colleges on topics like Content writing, Digital Marketing, Soft skills, Management training, Storytelling, Effective Business Communications, Parenting in 21st century, Ideal child of 21st century, Using internet to explore new avenues, Emotional Intelligence etc. #21Marching #PWDinclusion #respectandequalityforall #diversitymatters #inclusionmatters #diversityandinclusion #diversityequityandinclusion #conversationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange

21 Marching- In conversation with Chitrasen Sahu

Some are born with disabilities, some meet with accidents or illnesses that lead to disabilities. in this conversation, we shall speak with Chitrasen Sahu is a 28-year-old Civil Engineer from Balod, Chhattisgarh. He met with an accident at Bhatapara Railway Station, which resulted in double leg amputation. Chitrasen doesn’t bow down to his disabilities, he embraces it. He is a national wheelchair Basketball player, Blade runner, and a mountaineer. Moreover, he is a motivational speaker who has helped more than 2000 differently abled comrades with proper counselling. He has won various awards, and volunteered in various initiatives. Join us in this conversation to hear about his journey. #21Marching #PWDinclusion #Peoplewithdisability #Diversityequityandinclusion #Diversityandinclusion #Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #conversationsthatmatter #conversationsforchange

21 Marching- In conversation with Suresh Dhondge

In this conversation we are going to talk about Leprosy cured individuals, who despite being covered under RPWD act 2016, despite leprosy being a curable disease, still face stigma and ostracisation. We have with us Suresh Dhondge, who contracted leprosy when he was in class 10th. Today, he is the Amravati District Programme Officer of the Leprosy Mission Trust India in which capacity he travels a lot and helps settle people cured of leprosy in life. He has found settlements for over 1,000 such people. He has been awarded as a Role Model by the President of India on the World Disabled Day. #21Marching #PWDinclusion #Peoplewithdisability #Diversityandinclusion #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #Conversationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange

Panel discussion on “International Best Practices” in association with Transformance Forums

Delighted to be a part of the panel discussion with #globalleaders on “International Best Practices” at the 3rd edition D & I Summit & Awards in association with Transformance Forums .

Stay tuned for more updates!

#virtualpaneldiscussion #Internationalbestpractices #Diversityandinclusion # conversationsforchange #conversationsthatmatter #respectandequalityforall #MarchingSheep

Marching Sheep presents 3rd Edition of D&I Summit & Awards in association with Transformance Forums

Presenting Sonica Aron- Founder & Managing Partner – Marching Sheep as chairperson at the 3rd edition of D&I Summit & Awards in association with Transformance Forums.

#virtualpaneldiscussion #Diversityandinclusion # conversationsforchange #conversationsthatmatter #respectandequalityforall #MarchingSheep

Please watch the complete video for some great insights and learnings.

Sonica Aron at D & I Summit & Awards in association with Transformance Forums

We have seen the discourse around #diversityequityandinclusion evolve over the last two years, and now with the virtual and hybrid working models, there are both barriers, challenges and opportunities to be explored.

It was an honour for Sonica Aron- Founder & Managing Partner – Marching Sheep to be a part of the D & I Summit & Awards in association with Transformance Forums and share her views on What does #Diversity really mean today? How can we move towards #activeallyship and advocacy? The impact on #psychologicalsafety, #connectedness, #inclusion and #growth of #hiddenfigures and much more.

#virtualpaneldiscussion #conversationsthatmatter #MarchingSheep #conversationsforchange

21 Marching- In conversation with Alina Alam

In this conversations, we are going to talk about active #Allyship.

And for that, we have with us Alina Alam, the founder of ‘Mitti Café’ which is a chain of cafes which trains and employs #peoplewithdisability.

Their warriors with disability in this pandemic have cooked and served over 1.6 million meals to the poor and vulnerable communities and homeless groups, thereby proving the magic of abilities as a result of economic independence and dignity .

Alina has been featured in the Forbes list of 30 under 30, is a Commonwealth Youth Awardee and has won awards like the NCPEDEP Mindtree Hellen Keller Award, Times of India-She Unlimited Award, Rotary Exemplar award, Microsoft Nipman Award, Tiecon Young female Entrepreneur of the Year Award amongst others.

Do join us to know more about the power of allyship.

#21Marching #Marchingsheep #PWDinclusion #Inclusionmatters #Diversitymatters #Diversityandinclusion #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter

21 Marching- In Conversation with Korok Biswas

Down syndrome is a lifelong condition. Timely support early in life can help babies and children with Down syndrome to improve their physical and intellectual abilities. Most of these focus on helping children with Down syndrome develop to their full potential. These include speech, occupational, and physical therapy, and they should be offered and available early in life. Children with Down syndrome may also need extra help or attention in school, and many children can be included in mainstream or regular classes.

With India being one of the highest birthing nations, there is greater incidence of Down Syndrome and it occurs in approximately 1 out of 830 live births, as per Down Syndrome Federation of India.

In this conversation we have with us Korok Biswas and his father, who will be participating on Korok’s behalf in this conversation.

#PWDinclusion #RPWDact2016 #Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Diversityandinclusion #conversationsthatmatter #conversationsforchange #marchingsheep #21marching

21 Marching- In Conversation with Vineet Saraiwala

According to the National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB), 12 million people in India are suffering from visual impairment, and out of this only 29.16 percent are part of the education system. A mere 6.86 percent of schools in India have access to Braille books and audio content.
Employers are now open to appoint or give a job to the people with visual inabilities. This way, visually impaired are paving a path of their own and marking a footprint in the professional world to rise high.
There are numerous job roles that are offered to the visually impaired by both the government and the private sector.
Today we have Vineet Saraiwala, founder of Atypical Advantage, Visually impaired entrepreneur, who will share his journey to success.

#21marching #pwdinclusion #diversityandinclusion #diversityequityandinclusion #inclusionmatters #diversitymatters #marchingsheep #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #conversationsforchange

21 Marching- In conversation with Sumit Agarwal

Cerebral Palsy, one of the lesser known and understood disabilities, there are several myths around it. In this conversation with Sumit Agarwal, who was born with cerebral Palsy and 70% movement restriction, we will bust bust those myths.

#21Marching #Marchinhsheep #PWDinclusion #Diversityequityandinclusion #Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #respectandequalityforall #Conversationsforchange #Conversationsthatmatter #Diversityandinclusion #Makeadifference

Tenth episode under our campaign 21Marching- Sonica Aron in conversation with Ranjini Ramanujam

It was a heart-warming conversation between Sonica Aron and @Ranjini Ramanujam who is currently working as Assistant Manager at Infosys BPM and is a double national awardee. Ranjini is also the Indian women’s chess captain & International badminton player for the deaf and the first woman to get medal for India in Deaf Olympics. She has received the Arjuna, Eklavya and Rajyotsava awards.

Ranjini shared how she started speech therapy when she was a year old baby, her journey of continuous learning, working hard, step by step practicing, repeating again and again, till she got it right. It was noteworthy how the entire family, not just her parents, but her grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, even teachers, friends, classmates, speech therapists, neighbours, community extended support to help her reach where she is today.

A happy, confident, contented person, she speaks from the strength of having worked hard and achieved success. She calls her office her second home, where she has bloomed into a successful professional.

This is not one to be missed. Do take out time from your busy schedule and watch the full video. It will truly leave you inspired, and with lots of ideas on how we too can create inclusive spaces for people with disability.

#21Marching #PWDinclusion #Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Allyship #Awareness #Diversityequityandinclusion #respectandequalityforall #marchingsheep #voices #Inclusionjourney #RPWDact2016 #peoplewithdisability #conversationsthatmatter #conversationsforchange #Diversityandinclusion #inclusionfordeaf #hearingimpaired

21 Marching- In conversation with Shaheen Mallik

Unlike other disabilities, what acid attack victims suffer from is an outcome of crime. It just seems too unjust that they need to still fight for treatment, justice, for inclusion, to be valued for their skills and competencies.

In India, acid attacks are at an all-time high and increasing every year, with 250–300 reported incidents every year, while the “actual number could exceed 1,000, according to Acid Survivors’ Trust International”

Acid attacks often lead to disfigurement, physical and locomotive disabilities.

In this conversation, we have with us Shaheen Mallik, who is an acid attack survivor but she has not let that define her and everything she stands for.

Join us to hear from her about her story, her journey of grit, determination and finding her path.

#Marchingsheep #21marching #PWDinclusion #Acidattacksurvivors #Acidattackvictims #conversationsforchange #conversationsthatmatter #voices #Diversitymatters #inclusionmatters #diversityequityandinclusion #diversityandinclusion #diversity #inclusion #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall

Panel Discussion- Building a Culture of Empathy and Psychological Safety

In a post-pandemic workplace, the need for psychological safety and empathy has come to the forefront as organizations realize the need to address uncertainties and new stressors employees face, whether they are onsite, virtual or in a hybrid environment.

In a recent pulse Survey by Marching Sheep, 47% of the respondents mentioned they expected empathy and psychological safety from their Managers and Leaders.

To foster a culture of transparency and support, specifically in a remote or hybrid work environment, it’s crucial that every single team member feels comfortable in openly expressing their opinions and concerns.

Psychological Safety is even more pivotal in a hybrid workplace, where emotional support is crucial for in-office and remote communication. An empathetic view towards the changing workplace is the need of the hour.

Through this Panel Discussion we look at having meaningful interaction to understand the role of HR, Leaders and Managers in Building a Culture of Empathy and Psychological Safety

#Empathy #Psychologicalsafety #Culturebuilding #Makeadifference #respectandequalityforall #conversationsthatmatter #conversationsforchange #HRleaders #Virtualpaneldiscussions #Evolvetogether

21 Marching- In Conversation with K Y Venkatesh

In this conversation, we are going to talk about Dwarfism. The Bengaluru-based Dwarf Federation of India, guesstimates that there are nearly 2 lakh dwarf people in India. It defines dwarfism as a medical or genetic condition that usually results in an adult height of 4′ 8” or shorter among both men and women.

Today we have with us K.Y. Venkatesh, Physically Challenged by birth, 4’ 2” by height.

He has Excelled in more than one sport, like Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer & Volleyball, Participated in the Dwarf Olympic Games – 2005 and won 6 medals. His Name has been entered in the Limca Book of Records – 2016 to get the Highest Medals in the International events in a single year.
He Lead India at the Dwarf Olympic Games – 2009 and India won 17 medals, his individual medals were 4 (1 Gold & 3 Bronze medals).

He has been recognised by Kannada Rajostava Award – 2004, Ekalvya Award – 2005, Rotary International Award – 2014, Limca People of the Year Award – 2016 and Padmashri Award – 2021.

Yet, It has not been easy. Do join us for another candid conversation, as Venkatesh shares his journey.

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21 Marching- In conversation with Huafrid Billimoria

Huafrid Billimoria, a Motivational Speaker and social worker and a professional holistic coach.
His journey started with ADHD , Severe learning disabilities and later on followed by Dystonia.
Unfortunate bullying in his early years lead to struggle with clinical anxiety, ocd and depression.
He is also an athlete being the first person with Dystonia to swim 10 kilometres and run a full marathon in India to raise awareness so others don’t go through what he did.

Join us in a candid conversation with Huafrid.

#Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Diversityandinclusion #PWDinclusion #Peoplewithdisability #Neurologicaldisorders #Dystonia #Conversations forchange #Conversationsthatmatter #Marchingsheep #21Marching #Makeadifference #respectandequalityforall

21 Marching- In conversation with Ankit Rajiv Jindal

Join us today as we speak with Ankit Rajiv Jindal, a marketing professional, innovator, influencer, disabilities rights activist, and a visually impaired social entrepreneur. A person with 100% vision disability, Ankit has 15+ years of diversified experience of working at the corporate and disability sector. He wears multiple hats and today he will share his Journey.

#21Marching #Marchingsheep #makeadifference #Conversationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange #respectandequalityforall #PWDinclusion #Peoplewithdisabilities #diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Diversityequityandinclusion #RPWDact2016

21 Marching- In conversation with Gauri Gupta

In this Conversation, we are going to talk about Locomotor Disability. Locomotor Disability means restriction in the movement of the limbs.

Strictly speaking Locomotor Disability means problem in moving from one place to another — i.e. disability in legs. But, in general, it is taken as a disability related with bones, joints and muscles. It causes problems in person’s movements (like walking, picking or holding things in hand etc.)

Today we have with us Gauri Gupta, a student, writer, artist, and a disability inclusion activist.

She has recently graduated in Philosophy Hons from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University. She lives with Spina Bifida- myelomeningocele, which has led to locomotor disability. She is also a para-athlete at state and national levels.

#Marchingsheep #21Marching #PWDinclusion #Locomotordisability #Diversitymatters #Inclusionmatters #Diversityequityandinclusion #Diversityandinclusion #Conversationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall

Panel Discussion- Broadening Narrative of DEI in Virtual and Hybrid working Models

We all know how the landscape of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has changed over the last few years. It has now extended beyond gender and includes other important facets such as age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mindsets, people with disabilities to name a few.

But we see the narrative of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion changing even further in the new hybrid ways of working. In the hybrid workplace different categories have emerged among employees: like those who are in the office and those who are remote. So what are organisations doing to create an even playing field for all in this environment?

With the same thought, MarchingSheep brings to you its next Panel Discussion on “ The Broadening Narrative of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Virtual and Hybrid Working Models”. We have an illustrious panel comprising of industry leaders Amit Chincholikar from Tata Consumer Products, Manish Sinha from Mahindra and Mahindra Limited [Automotive and Farm Equipment Business], Manvi Sushil from Avery Dennison, Sheetal Sandhu from ICRA and Raman Kumar Singh from ABB, who will share their #insights, #experiences and views on integrating different aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion in today’s times.

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21 Marching- In conversation with Siddharth GJ

In this conversation, we are going to talk about #CerebralPalsy.
Cerebral Palsy (CP), one of the disabilities covered under the RPWD act 2016, is a disabling physical condition in which muscle coordination is impaired due to damage to the brain. It occurs at or before child birth. Cerebral Palsy is not a progressive condition; meaning it does not get worse with time. However, muscle disuse could increase the extent of disability over the period of time. At present there is no cure available for this condition. Thus, Cerebral Palsy is incurable and life-long condition, at present. In India, 3 out of every 1000 live births are affected by Cerebral Palsy.

We have with us Sidhharth GJ, a banker, Author, Speaker and a Life Coach, who will take us through his journey.

#PWDinclusion #21Marching #Marchingsheep #Peoplewithdisabilities #Inclusionmatters #Diversitymatters #Diversityequityandinclusion #respectandequalityforall #makeadifference #conversationsforchange #conversationsthatmatter

How Good Is Employee Wellbeing Today? Sonica Aron in conversation with Anubhav Verma, from Keka HR

Hear out our Founder & Managing Partner Sonica Aron sharing some pertinent points on “How good is employee well-being today”.

Gratitude to Keka HR and Anubhav Verma for covering this conversation on #Employeewellbeing #Emotionalresilience #psychologicalsafety on their platform.

#emotionalresilience #MarchingSheep #Conversationsthatmatter #emotionalwellbeing #Makeadifference #mentalhealth #humanresources #conversationsforchange

Feedback from participants on our 6 week learning program

It was a proud moment for all of us as we concluded a 6 week long Learning journey with the leadership and managers of a #manufacturing MSME company on Leadership imperatives. We were all moved by the warmth shown by the participants, and the enthusiasm in their war cries, as they embark on their path ahead. The best part was, they made us a part of their future endeavors and commitment by inviting us into the whatsapp groups they have made for implementation of whatever they have learnt, and we willingly offered to mentor and guide. It gives us a huge sense of satisfaction and pride, when our clients and participants make us a part of them.

#Makeadifference #Tangibleimpact #Leadershipdevelopment #Managerialdevelopment #Learningneverends #learningmindset #Coaching #Mentoring #partnering #participantfeedback #Clienttrust #Inittogether #MarchingSheep #MSME

21 Marching- In conversation with Jigna Chanpura

In this episode, we are going to talk about Multiple Sclerosis, With Jigna Chanpura.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition that can affect the brain and spinal cord, causing a wide range of potential symptoms, including problems with vision, arm or leg movement, sensation or balance. It’s a lifelong condition that can sometimes cause serious disability, although it can occasionally be mild.

Jigna was having a very easy life, good job in a prominent Bank when she got her first attack of Multiple Sclerosis. She was able to recover from her first two attacks but it was the third attack, which impacted her speech, that shook her. deeply depressed, she quit her job.

This conversation is about her journey, of overcoming challenges, and leading a life of independence and self-reliance.

#Diversityequityandinclusion #Inclusionmatters #Diversitymatters #PWDinclusion #Multiplesclerosis #respectandequalityforall #makeadifference #Voices #Conversationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange

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21 Marching- In Conversation with Arjun Gupta

Today we are going to talk about a hidden disability covered under the RPWD act, something which cannot be seen, but can wreak havoc in the lives of people experiencing it. We are going to talk about clinical depression.

Depression ranges in seriousness from mild, temporary episodes of sadness to severe, persistent depression. Clinical depression is the more-severe form of depression, also known as major depression or major depressive disorder. It isn’t the same as depression caused by a loss, such as the death of a loved one, or a medical condition, such as a thyroid disorder.

WHO also estimates that about 7.5 per cent Indians suffer from some mental disorder and predicted that by end 2020 roughly 20 per cent of India will suffer from mental illnesses. According to the numbers, 56 million Indians suffer from depression and another 38 million Indians suffer from anxiety disorders.

WHO also estimates that, in India, the economic loss, due to mental health conditions, between 2012-2030, is 1.03 trillions of 2010 dollars.

It therefore becomes imperative that we understand this issue deeply, and collectively help individuals dealing with Clinical depression overcome it and lead meaningful lives.

#21Marching #Marchingsheep #peoplewithdisability #Clinicaldepression #Mentalillness #conversationsthatmatter #Conversationsforchange #awareness #Allies #respectandequalityforall #makeadifference

21 Marching- In conversation with Pranav Bakhshi

With great hope, we start this new journey of 21 Conversation for change with People with disabilities under our initiative 21 Marching.

Join us tomorrow, as we speak with Pranav Bakhshi, a Young Man with Autism. Pranav is a Model, TEDxSpeaker, a Social entrepreneur, a columnist, an avid photographer and his enthusiasm in everything he does is infectious. He has big dreams and aspirations and is working towards them.

Join us to hear him share his story, his journey in his own words, on Saturday, 17th July, 5 pm, live on Facebook, twitter or YouTube Channel.

Twitter page link:

Facebook page link:

Youtube page link:

#Marchingsheep #Conversationsthatmatter #conversationsforchange #PWDinclusion #Autism #Respectandequalityforall #Makeadifference #inclusionmatters #Diversitymatters #Diversityequityandinclusion

Virtual Panel Discussion- Evolving expectations of the workforce from their employers today.

After experiencing the secondwave of the pandemic, it has become inevitable for organizations to focus on the evolving expectations of their employees and appropriately prepare for future of work.

Today, it is not just equitable rewards or fair promotion that employees ask for. With an aim to broaden our perspectives on the changing expectations of employees in current times and contribute towards the industry through meaningful discussions, Marching Sheep is excited to bring to you its next Virtual Panel Discussion on “Evolving Expectations of the Workforce from their Employers today”.

We have an illustrious panel comprising of industry leaders, Meenakshi Priyam from, Lopamudra Banerjee from Carrier Midea India, Neha Oberoi from Lotus Herbals Pvt Ltd, Richa Singh from Max Life Insurance and Sandiep Batra from Landmark Group, who will share their insights, experiences and views on this relevant topic.

So, mark the date, 9th July, on your calendar and join us live on our social media platforms. We look forward to seeing you at the Panel Discussion!

#conversationthatmatters #CHROSpeak
#Peoplelivesandcareers #virtualpaneldiscussion #employeeexpectations #evolvingemployeeexpectations #employeeexperience #workfromhome #flexiblity #flexiblebenefits #humanisingworkfromhome #pyschologicalsafety #emotionalwellbeing

Marching With Pride

In our Final conversation under the series ‘Marching with Pride’ with Ritambhara Mehta, we will try to uncover the micro-aggressions that the LGBTQ community has to face, and what can we do, systemically, to be more inclusive.

Our fourth interview under the Marching with Pride campaign

Sharing the recording of our 4th and final episode under the # MarchingwithPride campaign, Another very insightful conversation between @Sonica Aron and @Ritambhara Mehta, where Ritambhara brings up the issue of living in constant #fear of #beingjudged or being a subject of ridicule, and therefore being unable to open up or forge meaningful relationships. She shares examples of #microaggressions and #bullying at schools and the inability of teachers to deal with either the bullying, or the questions and dilemmas that children from the community have regarding #sexuality and #genderidentity. She goes on to talk about how the microaggressions, bullying and alienation continues at the workplace, pushing out members of the community to seek unconventional occupations. She also talks about a very interesting concept- What defines ‘completeness’ for a woman. A must watch for everyone, irrespective of what stage of inclusion in your journey you are. There are takeaways for everyone. #pridemonth #lgbtqia #diversityandinclusion #inclusionmatters #Diversitymatters #conversationseries #pride #createawareness #makeadifference #voices #respectandequalityforall #marchingsheep

Marching With Pride

Every conversation is an opportunity to learn and become aware about lived realities from individuals from the lgbtqia+ community. Do join us today at 3.30 for another such conversation with Rahul Paswan as he talks about his journey.

Our third interview under the Marching with Pride campaign.

Sharing the recording of our 3rd conversation under the # MarchingwithPride campaign, an insightful conversation between @Sonica Aron and Rahul Paswan. Heartfelt gratitude to Rahul for sharing his journey with such candour. An interesting thread emerges through the three conversations so far…Individuals from the #LGBTQ community understand the conflict and dilemma their families go through in accepting their sexuality and gender identity and are willing to give them time to come to terms with it and accept them.
Why can’t we then, understand and accept them? Rahul also brings out the importance of ignoring the pressures of the heteronormative society and letting curiosity prevail, to continue exploring, learning without guilt or shame, to express and seek help from allies for members of the LGBTQ community. Do watch this video to get inspired by someone who has overcome many hurdles. #pridemonth #lgbtqia #diversityandinclusion #inclusionmatters #diversitymatters #conversationseries #pride #createawareness #makeadifference #Voices #marchingsheep

Marching With Pride

The month of June is observed as Pridemonth all over the world, which is a movement that brings the entire LGBTQIA+ community together to spread the message of equality in all spheres of life. This Pride Month, we at Marching Sheep proudly bring forth our ‘Marching with Pride’ series where we get the opportunity to interact with individuals from different walks of life from the LGBTQIA community. With an objective to initiate meaningful conversations of change, experience their journeys, acknowledge the challenges they go through and give them a voice, Marching Sheep through these conversations attempts to create more awareness on the inclusion of LGBTQIA community and in the process generate a ripple effect to normalize the spectrum for the LGBTQIA community to live with acceptance and pride. Join us this Tuesday, 22nd June, from 3.30 pm to 4.15 pm for an enriching conversation!

Our second interview under the Marching With Pride campaign

Sharing the recording of our 2nd interview under the # MarchingwithPride campaign, an insightful conversation between @Sonica Aron and @Antara Pal. Sincere thanks to Antara for sharing her journey with such candour. It was a pleasure having you for this conversation. Antara raises some pertinent issues around the loneliness, confusion and trauma that a child struggling with #sexuality and #genderidentity goes through while growing up, in the absence of support, acknowledgement and resources. Food for thought for families, schools and institutions…surely we as a society can be better. She also brings out the need for #safeworkplaces and #inclusiveworkplaces in letter and spirit for the community, which includes #inclusivepolicies as well as #sensitizedcoworkers. Each one of us has the power to bring about change in our own circles. Do watch this video to get inspired. #pridemonth #lgbtqia #diversityandinclusion #inclusionmatters #diversitymatters #conversationseries #pride #createawareness #makeadifference #Voices #marchingsheep

Marching with Pride- Conversation with Maya the Drag Queen

Our first interview under the Marching With Pride Campaign

Sharing the recording of our 1st conversation under the # MarchingwithPride campaign, an enriching and candid conversation between @Sonica Aron and @Alex Mathew (Maya The Drag Queen). Our heartfelt gratitude to Alex for sharing his journey and insights with such candour, and from the heart. We hope to bring forth more such conversations so do join us for another one on Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, 3.30 pm to 4.15 pm live on our facebook page, twitter or Youtube channel.

Sonica Aron, Managing Partner, Marching Sheep on bringing diversity to corporates and organisations

Heartfelt gratitude to @Yourstory for covering a thought provoking conversation with Sonica Aron, our Founder and Managing partner on her journey as an entrepreneur, and the pivotal role that organizations can play to bring in gender parity in the society. Also, she shared how Marching Sheep has evolved over time and is providing comprehensive D&I offerings to organizations in their journey towards inclusion. Some great takeaways and learnings for all !
Thanks @Yourstory for giving our story a platform to share with the larger audience.
#genderparity #inclusionmatters #women@work #commonbiases #diversityandinclusion #marchingsheep #driveinclusion #diversitymatters


A proud moment for team #Marching Sheep! Our Founder and Managing Partner, Sonica Aron has been awarded the Women of the Year Award 2021 by @DigiLive for her commitment towards her profession, her dedication in establishing Marching Sheep as one of the leading HR consulting firms in the country today. This recognition is a testimony of the evolving journey of Marching Sheep which continues impacting organizations and touching people’s careers and lives through its high impact and dependable solutions in #Diversityandinclusion, #Emotionalresilience and #Employeewellbeing, #Learninganddevelopment and #Organisationdesign. Our journey to #Makeadifference continues!

Video featured by @IndiaToday Aspire.

Here is a video by @Sonica Aron, Our Managing Partner on the evolution and changing narrative of #diversityandinclusion at the workplace which was featured by @IndiaToday Aspire recently. She shared her insights on how Diversity is not just about women or hiring women but how organization’s today need to look at the employees’ journey holistically. They need to take three-pronged approach which not only involves having inclusive touch points across the employee life cycle in the organization, but also embedding D&I in the culture of the organization and most importantly taking cognizance of the personal life stages of employees. This approach will help create a truly #inclusiveworkplace! Watch the complete video on our you tube channel and don’t forget to subscribe for many more such insightful videos.

Strategic HRBP Certification by Marching Sheep in association with FICCI Quality Forum

We are delighted to share the overwhelming feedback received from yet another batch of our recently concluded Strategic HRBP Certification course.

Panel Discussion hosted by BW HR L&D Excellence Summit and Awards Event

We would like to thank @BW Businessworld for inviting Sonica Aron, Founder and Managing Partner Marching Sheep as panelist for a panel discussion on the topic ‘L&D and the future of Trainers’ at the BW HR L&D Excellence Summit and Awards Event. The discussion brought in the sharing of perspectives and insights on what are some of the emerging trends that Trainers should practice, what should they do differently, how can trainers use AI to complement their task and find the sweet spot between management requirements, employee engagement and the evolving technologies? The discussion left the viewers and panelist with food for thought for helping experts relook at their existing practices and strategies.

Sonica Aron Interview with Dainik Jagran.

The #roadtosuccess is never easy and as we pass through the #challenges and pitfalls, we realise what an amazing #learningexperience it has been. @Marchingsheep has had a similar journey and in our attempt to make #DiversityandInclusion more than just words, we have crossed #barriers and overcome many hurdles. From a one Woman army to a team of passionate HR professionals, we at #MarchingSheep are proud to be among the Top 10 HR consulting Firms in India today and one of the most awarded for our work during #COVID. And it fills us with pride to share this candid interview of our Founder – Sonica Aron with @Dainik Jagran about #DiversityandInclusion,#ChoosetoChallenge #Womanentrepreneurship #Lifestagenavigation and much more on #InternationalWomensDay2021.

International Women’s day- Choose to Challenge- Time to Reshape the rules!

Sonica Aron, Managing Partner, Marching Sheep, in conversation with, Apurva Purohit, President of the Jagran Group, one of India’s largest multi-media conglomerates. Apurva has been a leading voice in the Indian business landscape, advocating gender diversity, what ails it, and what organisations and leaders can do to improve this critical imperative. She is also the author of the two national bestselling books “Lady, You’re not a Man” – the Adventures of a Woman at Work and “Lady, You’re the Boss!”. Through her books, Apurva aims to empower women and encourage them to achieve their full potential.

Our tenth interview under the #Internationalwomensday #choosetochallenge campaign.

Sharing the recording of our tenth interview under the #Internationalwomensday#choosetochallenge campaign, a candid and thought-provoking conversation between @Sonica Aron and @Apurva Purohit on #ChooseToChallenge – What does it take to reshape the rules, for ourselves, and those around us? #MarchingSheepCelebratingWomen #IWDcampaign #Interviewseries #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge

International women’s day- Choose to Challenge Interview Series

Sonica Aron, managing Partner Marching Sheep, in conversation with Ruchi Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of Taru Naturals, an organic fair-trade foods brand, which focuses on sourcing and creating a market for organically grown super foods (such as Black rice, turmeric) from 10,000 identified tribal and small-scale farmer networks across India. Ruchi has been the recipient of several awards for Taru Naturals including, 15 Women Transforming India by Niti Aayog, 2020, GQ 50 Most Influential Young Indians, SheUnltd Food Enterprise 2019, Women Economic Forum Award.

In this conversation, we will talk about how international women’s day is not just one day, but a celebration of a journey, a journey which is still in progress, not yet complete, and there are still some gaping issues. And we are all aware of the issues, the question is- are we ready to bite the bullet?

Our ninth interview under the #Internationalwomensday #choosetochallenge campaign.

Sharing the recording of our seventh interview under the #Internationalwomensday#choosetochallenge campaign, a candid and thought-provoking conversation between @Sonica Aron and @Ruchi Jain on #ChooseToChallenge – Are We Willing to Truly Bite the Bullet? #MarchingSheepCelebratingWomen #IWDcampaign #Interviewseries #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge

International women’s day- choose to challenge interview series

Sonica Aron, Managing Partner, Marching Sheep, in conversation with Shauravi malik, Cofounder of the Slurrp Farm. In this conversation we will challenge as to why we as women hesitate to challenge status quo, hesitate to challenge ourselves, hesitate to push boundaries, hesitate to speak up.

Our eighth interview under the #Internationalwomensday #choosetochallenge campaign.

Sharing the recording of our eighth interview under the #Internationalwomensday#choosetochallenge campaign, a candid and thought-provoking conversation between @Sonica Aron and @Shauravi Malik on #ChooseToChallenge – Why do women hesitate to speak up.

International Women’s day- Choose to Challenge Interview series- 7th episode

Sonica Aron, Managing Partner, Marching Sheep, in conversation with Tina Vinod, Head – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at ThoughtWorks, on Stereotypes at work. Organisations are but a subunit of the society. While, some organisations are at the forefront driving change through inclusive cultures and practices, there are still stereotypes that exist. In this conversation, we will challenge some of those.

Our seventh interview under the #Internationalwomensday #choosetochallenge campaign.

Sharing the recording of our seventh interview under the #Internationalwomensday#choosetochallenge campaign, a candid and thought-provoking conversation between @Sonica Aron and @Tina Vino on #ChooseToChallenge – Stereotypes at Work.

International Women’s Day- Choose to Challenge- 6th Episode

Sonica Aron, Managing Partner, Marching Sheep, in conversation with Megha Mughija, Founder and Chief nutritionist, Health Mania. Women have for long been influenced by a prototype of an ‘ideal look’, be it the fad of Size Zero, to the phrase in matrimonial ads- Slim, fair and beautiful, to the continued reinforcements like being fair and lovely can land you a job, or you need and to look and dress a certain type to be taken seriously at work! In this candid conversation with a specialist, we shall challenge some of these.

Our sixth interview under the #Internationalwomensday​​ #choosetochallenge​​ campaign.

Sharing the recording of our fifth interview under the #Internationalwomensday#choosetochallenge campaign, a candid and thought-provoking conversation between @Sonica Aron and @Megha Mukhija on #ChooseToChallenge – Body shaming and the need to fit in.

International Women’s Day- Episode 5- Choose to Challenge Self imposed constraints and guilt

Sonica Aron, Managing Partner, Marching Sheep, in conversation with Bina Pillai, is a poet, author, and a crusader for social causes. She published her poetry book ‘Lyrical Rhythms of my Heart’ in 2017 which won the National Rising Star Award, in the category of Art & Culture. She is the Associate Editor of the Journal of Asian Art, Culture and Literature, and the Administrator and jury member of Asian Literary Society. Her novel, ‘Under The Mango Tree’ was published in November 2019, for which she has received critical acclaim and was the amongst the best- selling books on Kindle.

Our fifth interview under the #Internationalwomensday​​ #choosetochallenge​​ campaign.

Sharing the recording of our fifth interview under the #Internationalwomensday#choosetochallenge campaign, a candid and thought-provoking conversation between @Sonica Aron and @Bina Pillai on #ChooseToChallenge – Self-imposed constraints, guilt, emotional stress.

International Women’s day:Choose to Challenge: Domestic Violence

In conversation with Ira Singhal, Joint Director, Department of Social Welfare, on the issue of Domestic abuse, women safety and why do women hesitate to speak up?

Our fourth interview under the #Internationalwomensday​​ #choosetochallenge​​ campaign.

Sharing the recording of our fourth interview under the #Internationalwomensday#choosetochallenge campaign, a candid and thought-provoking conversation between @Sonica Aron and @Ira Singhal on #ChooseToChallenge – Women Safety & Domestic Violence, Why Women Hesitate to Speak Up?

International Women’s Day: Choose to Challenge

Our third interview is with Pooja Jauhari, the CEO of The Glitch, on the topic of ‘Women and Leadership’. Despite Progress, Women Are Scarce Among Senior Leaders. Research shows very few women are CEOs of the world’s largest corporations. Only 33 women (6.6%) were CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Only around 6% companies on the Fortune India 500 list are managed by women. Women account for less than a third (29%) of senior roles globally. In this conversation, we will try and unpeel some of the hurdles and obstacles in the journey towards Leadership.

Our third interview under the #Internationalwomensday​​ #choosetochallenge​​ campaign.

Sharing the recording of our third interview under the #Internationalwomensday#choosetochallenge campaign, a candid and thought-provoking conversation between @Sonica Aron and @Pooja Jauhari on #ChooseToChallenge – Women Leadership, Why do Women Need to Prove Themselves More? Do watch and leave your comments!

Webinar with Hansraj College,New Delhi.

Our Managing Partner & Founder, Sonica Aron (an alumnus of Hansraj College) was invited by the Women Development Cell at Hansraj College, New Delhi for an online webinar on the topic ‘Bias, Stigma and Discrimination at Workplace’ on 3rd January. It was an interesting session where Sonica shared her experiences, challenges and leadership lessons, she learnt during her journey so far, with the young and enthusiastic students who joined the live session on a bright Sunday.

Choose to Challenge: Why do women have to choose between personal and professional aspirations?

Our second Live interview with Riya Dalvi, Senior General Manager HR, Mahindra and Mahindra, under the International Women’s Day: Choose to Challenge awareness campaign. Tune in for some candid, thought provoking concersation.

Our second interview under the #Internationalwomensday​ #choosetochallenge​ campaign.

Sharing the recording of our second interview under the #Internationalwomensday​#choosetochallenge​ campaign, a candid and thought-provoking conversation between @Sonica Aron and @Riya Dalvi on why do women have to choose? Do watch and leave your comments!

Our first interview under the #Internationalwomensday #choosetochallenge Campaign.

Sharing the recording of our first interview under the #Internationalwomensday#choosetochallenge campaign, a candid and thought-provoking conversation between @sonica Aron and @Kaushiki Srivastava. Do watch and leave your comments! #MarchingSheepCelebratingWomen #IWDcampaign #Interviewseries #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge

International Women’s Day- Choose to Challenge

Sonica Aron, Managing Partner, Marching Sheep, in conversation with Kaushiki Srivastava from Sony Music, we will talk about the purpose of this campaign, the broadening narrative of diversity and inclusion and what will it take to truly build an inclusive world.

Our 6th Panel Discussion – Integrating Diverse Views to Build an Inclusive and Fulfilling Workplace!

All voices matter! We would like to thank our panelists – Yuvaraj Srivastav, Bhavna Batra, Richa Oberoi Arora and Siddharth Vishwanath for an enriching discussion. They shared their insights, learnings, experiences and unique perspective that left us all with food for thought at the end of the panel discussion. Also, would like to thank our attendees for joining the panel discussion, Looking forward to many more such opportunities and collaborations to learn and grow collectively as a society, community and an organization.

Panel discussion at MICONCLAVE @ MICA

It is heartening to see #Diversityandinclusion becoming an integral part of conversations at educational institutions. Last week our Founder & Managing Partner @Sonica Aron was invited as a panellist at MICONCLAVE @ MICA along with other illustrious panelists. The discussion was insightful, drawing on the rich experience of professionals from varied industries, and attended by a huge gathering of nearly 300 delegates. Do watch the video to listen to the experiences and the insights shared by industry leaders and do not forget to subscribe to our channel for more such updates!

Our 5th Panel Discussion : Inclusion of LGBTQIA in Corporates: Can we speed up the journey?

Together, we can make a difference! Keeping in view the present-day employment scenario, the inclusion of LGBTQAI in the corporate space is as critical a topic that needs our focus and attention during the current times as we work towards business continuity, business recovery, employee experience and wellbeing. Considering the journey so far, the struggles of the community and the steps we can take going forward need to be focused keeping in mind the context and the challenges that need to be addressed. We would like to thank our panelist Surender (Suren) Mehta, Mayank Lodha (he/him), Richa Singh and Ritambhara Mehta for sharing their on-ground efforts, experiences and insights over the years working towards inclusion of the LGBTQIA community in the workforce. We would also like to thank our attendees for bringing up relevant questions to help understand how we can address some of the challenges and barriers towards the journey of inclusion of the community in the evolving demands of the workforce.

2nd Batch of Strategic HRBP Certification by Marching Sheep in association with FICCI Quality Forum

We are delighted to share the overwhelming feedback received from the recently concluded 2nd batch of our virtual sessions on Strategic HRBP Certification. Learning goes on and we are delighted to share that we will be soon announcing the dates of our 3rd batch of Strategic HRBP certification. To know more about the certification you can write to us at Till then keep watching out for more updates on our Marching Sheep page on Linkedin and the YouTube channel!

Our 4th Panel Discussion – POSH what do we need to do to make it relevant in current times.

Covid pandemic has brought long lasting shifts in the way of working. With many organisations considering permanent #workfromhome and #hybridworkingmodels, many policies will need to be looked at. One policy that begs attention is #POSH – Prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace. Sexual harassment is not confined to physical boundaries or an office space anymore, and the need to sensitize employees, re-training of ICCs, sensitizing leadership and the society at large to the newer nuances has become the need of the hour. We at Marching Sheep have been conducting #VirtualPaneldiscussion on topics that need to be brought to the fore and discussed, to drive awareness and change. We would like to thank our illustrious panellists from HR and Legal fraternity representing diverse industries – Nita Baluni from The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group, Amit Sharma from Volvo Group, Dr. Ankita Singh from Cignex Datamatics, Shobha Swarup from Diversey and Rajal Dua from Dua’s & Dua’s Advocates & Consultants for sharing their insights on the POSH Act and policies and for bringing in new learnings that will help the business community address the need for POSH to become relevant both in letter and spirit during this time of workplace evolution.

Importance of financial independence -OWN IT presents Sonica Aron, Managing Partner- Marching Sheep

Sonica Aron, Managing Partner Marching Sheep shares her story highlighting – Financial Independence is a must in today’s world, and each of us, irrespective of gender, needs to find our own ways of gaining it. It has to be our choice rather than society led. Our heartfelt gratitude to Shweta Punj and Original Women Network for sharing this video on their Instagram page.

Our 3rd Panel Discussion- Planning in Advance for Post COVID Era .

It’s a unique experience when 5 HR leaders get together for a panel discussion, there is fun, there is catching up and there are some intense discussions. Here is the recording of our third Panel discussion with Mahalakshi R, Yuvaraj Srivastava, Yash Mahadik and Anushree Singh, Moderated by Sonica Aron, all from diverse industries with rich HR experience, sharing their insights, learnings and what will sustain organisations going forward… and they could have gone on and on, had time permitted. We are grateful to all panelists and all attendees for their time. The current times calls for shared learning and growth, and we will continue doing our bit in this direction.

Feedback from participants on our Virtual Program on Strategic HRBP Certification.

We conducted the first session of our virtual program on Strategic HRBP Certification. This is what our participant had to say, the feedback was both overwhelming and make us proud.  Please hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more such updates.

Internship experience at Marching Sheep 2020

2020 has been an interesting year, and despite COVID we had our first batch of 3 interns join us for summer internship this year…. an important milestone for team Marching Sheep. Each one of them gave their best, and it was also important for us to to ensure that we gave them a good learning experience. Here is a sneak peak into what they have to say about their internship experience at Marching Sheep. The battle between humanity and COVID continues and each one of us has a role to play. Our journey continues as we look forward to next year.

Building Emotional Resilience in these Uncertain and Ambiguous Times

In these uncertain and ambiguous times, individuals, #managers and #leaders are experiencing a range of challenges and emotions. Research shows that as resilient people emerge from #adversity, they look for the opportunities amid the #challenges. Hence, each one of us has to learn our own #copingmechanisms to become emotionally resilient. We at Marching Sheep are committed to spread awareness about the topic and brings to you virtual sessions on understanding & channeling our emotions in these times, curated with the help of clinical psychologists. Do watch this short video, and if you like it, do leave a comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel where we keep posting short videos and recordings of our sessions and panel discussions

Panel Discussion by Transformance Forums-USING NEUROSCIENCE TO REWIRE THE BRAIN

The current phase of business recovery and emerging new normal has brought to the fore pertinent capabilities that need to be built to address the uncertainty and complexity amongst the workforce.

Overwhelmed with the positive feedback received from them for finding the session #relevant and #insightful!


The current phase of business recovery and emerging new normal has brought to the fore pertinent capabilities that need to be built to address the uncertainty and complexity amongst the workforce.

Here are a few insights from a panel discussion held on 11th September moderated by our Managing Partner – Sonica Aron focused on:

1) Dealing with the Science of WFH Culture

2) Brain-Friendly Learning to Boost Employee Performance & Productivity

In a nutshell, an organisation needs to build capabilities on having tough conversations as it has a direct impact on the organisation, manager, team morale and business continuity. What L&D can do to enable organisations to have those tough conversations was explored in the discussion.

We would like to thank Transformance forums, Panelists – Divyashree Pawar, Global Head of Learning Delivery, Intel Corporation, Sukhvinder Pabial, Managing Director I Board Member, Challenging Frontiers Ltd | Association for Business Psychology, Sunaina Tickoo, Founder & CEO, Brainpreneurs Education Pvt. Ltd., Joseph O’Connor, Director, Lambent Ltd, Gill McKay, Company Director, MyBrain International Limited and the attendees for creating a platform for bringing in relevant insights that are crucial for balancing our approach towards supporting and building the workforce and our organisations to forge ahead.

Session with students of XIMB

Our Founder, Managing Partner, Sonica Aron was invited by Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar, for its online webinar series, #ConeXus – “Women Leaders Week – For A Better Future.” Through the session, she shared her challenges and leadership lessons, she learnt during her entrepreneurial journey, with a young and enthusiastic lot of over 150 students. The session saw great involvement and participation from the students.

Overwhelmed with the positive feedback received from them for finding the session #relevant and #insightful!

Criticality of Employee Well Being to Succeed In VUCA 2.0 a Virtual Panel Discussion

Today’s scenario is chaotic, unprecedented and constantly evolving. None of us have experienced this before and we are all learning as we go along. Creating awareness about relevant topics and learning from each other can be extremely helpful in such times. In order to understand better how we can overcome this challenge, on the 4th of September we held a panel discussion on how leading organisations are dealing with employee well-being while balancing business recovery. We would like to thank our esteemed panelist’s – Surender (Suren) Mehta – HR Director VOIS India & Global Head of HR _VOIS Business, Amit Sharma-CHRO Volvo Group India, Vithal Acharya – Head Of Human Resources, Ola Electric Mobility Pvt. Ltd., Poornima Kamath – Chief D&I Officer, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. and attendees from diverse industries, diverse scenarios for an insightful and enriching discussion that highlighted emerging trends on the topic as we continue to learn and evolve on this journey of recovery as a society, economy and Industry!

‘Employee experience and engagement in VUCA 2.0’

Transformance continues to remain true to their purpose as they put together a stellar line up of speakers for a panel discussion on the topic ‘Employee experience and engagement in VUCA 2.0, creating employee experience breakthrough in a new world for difficult transitions’.
It was a privilege for our Managing Partner Sonica Aron to moderate the session where the panelist shared relevant and implementable insights on how employee experience will be key to business recovery.

‘Unshackling ourselves by building a learning muscle which is crucial to reinvent and adapt’

During these challenging times, we need to build a learning muscle, as today this cannot be left to choice because it has become a necessity that shapes the way we chose to perceive and respond to what we are facing.

The ongoing pandemic is a global phenomenon which hasn’t left any aspect of life within its sphere untouched. Some view it as a challenge of a lifetime, while some look at it as an opportunity. It depends on how one chooses to perceive and respond to the scenario.

The current phase of social, economic and business recovery has been relying heavily on innovation and reinvention, which can only be achieved with the attitude of learning, unlearning and relearning. Looking forward to your feedback, comments and stories of learning.

Enabling Working Women To Succeed in the New Normal.

It has been proven that women are bearing the brunt of the lockdown and economic uncertainty more than men.

Recently we have rolled out a session on ‘Enabling working women to succeed in the new normal’ for women across Industries.
This program is based on research conducted and issues collected from the participants, that aims at enabling and empowering participants to identify their strengths, priorities and how to achieve their personal and professional goals with a laser focus during these turbulent times. It also helps organisations build a robust pipeline of diverse talent.

The session was very well-received by the participants.
#EnablingWomen #NewNormal #Success

Write to us at- Info@marchingsheep to know more.

Freedom from Insecurities

Insecurities are a part of our lives but it is in our hands to deal with them positively !

Freedom From Bias

“Bias seeps into us unconsciously and stays with us consciously. If we make an effort to overcome it, we can truly be independent of it.

Here is a quick video of how I accepted and overcame bias.

Do like and share the video or leave a comment with your views.”

A Panel Discussion on: ‘Relevance of Diversity & Inclusion to succeed in the new normal’.

Panel Discussion on the topic ‘Relevance of Diversity & Inclusion to succeed in the new normal’ by Marching Sheep in collaboration with Sony Pictures Networks. This discussion brought about pertinent and pressing issues that highlight the challenges and opportunities Industry leaders are facing today in the space of Inclusive people management strategy in current times. Panellist and delegates helped bring out aspects of how the new normal defines and impacts lives in present and emerging work scenarios.
We would like to thank our panellists and delegates who made this discussion enriching with renewed insights as we continue to learn and evolve on this journey of recovery as a society, economy and Industry.

Freedom From Fears !

To feel fearful in today’s times is normal, but living with fear is not!Let’s unshackle ourselves!

Emotional Health and Wellness in current times !

Tha last few months have taken the meaning of VUCA to a different level VUCA 2.0 .

Here is small video from team Marching Sheep on the importance of emotional health and wellness in current times.

Team social

It was a bitter-sweet moment, saying bye to our summer trainees 2020, Arna Bairagi, Suman Das and Ridhima Mahajan, who have been with us for the last two months. Never did we feel they were interns, participating with gusto in brainstorming, working with the team step in step on research and creatingnewcontent and communication.

Here are some snippets of our last social together (for now). such a talented bunch they are! They will be sorely missed.

All the best folks! Remember, you always have a family here.

Prevention of sexual harassment at workplace.

POSH is the first step towards an inclusive culture.

Here is a small video on the importance of POSH and how this has got a complete new dimension in the current times.

Panel Discussion for NewsX and Business World

t was an honour to be part of this illustrious panel. Thank you NewsX (Direct News Private Limited) Business World for inviting me. It was a great experience.

5 ways to overcome covid crisis

Really excited that this video was covered on the you tube channel of Business fortnight. In this 10 minute video, our Managing Partner Sonica Aron speaks about the top 5 priorities of HR function to enable organisations on the path of business recovery. Do watch, and leave your comments.

Building psychological safety in teams

Some of the common challenges faced by employees during the pandemic and lockdown are Job Security, fear of salary cuts, long working hours, uncertainty about ‘when will it be normal’, lac of social connect.

We at Marching Sheep have curated and delivered a virtually program based on research and science- Helping managers build psychological safety in teams.The response to the session was encouraging and we will be doing more of these!

This 2 min video is a glimpse from one of the sessions. Do Watch!

Video on The Battle between Humanity and Corona

The Battle between Humanity and Corona… and we will emerge stronger. Here is our take on the situation!

Live talk with Brandeur Global Pvt. Ltd.

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Tanushree Garg from Brandeur Global Pvt. Ltd.. Thanks for the opportunity for me to share my thoughts and insights on #emotionalresilience during these challenging times, and the unique situation #Leaders and #HRteams find themselves in- Balancing.

Our journey so far

”With the right policies,processes and capabilities in place,we can even make the Sheep March”
Here is a small video on Marching Sheep’s journey so far.