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Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Nurture a Diverse and Inclusive Work Culture through customized Gender Sensitization Strategies and Programs

Health & Wellness Portfolio

Drive productivity and profitability by creating a healthy and stress-free environment for employees

Leadership and Talent Development

Build a robust Talent Pipeline through Coaching, Bespoke Training and Leadership Development Programs Interventions


Human Resource Consulting

Improve Organisational performance by designing and implementing comprehensive HR processes with measurable HR metrics and outcomes

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“EmpowerHER: Accelerating Excellence in Women Leadership” program with Max Life Insurance Company Limited!

Excited to celebrate the successful completion of the “EmpowerHER: Accelerating Excellence in Women Leadership” program with Max Life Insurance Company Limited! It was truly inspiring to witness the growth, resilience, and authentic leadership displayed by each participant. They’ve honed solution-oriented mindsets, leading authentically, embraced vulnerability, mastered effective group leadership, and

International Purple Fest Goa

🌈 Celebrating Diversity at Purple Fest Goa! 🎉 Had an amazing time at #PurpleFest Goa, a festival that beautifully showcased the talents, strengths, and incredible spirit of People With Disabilities (PWD). It was heartening to witness the inclusivity and enthusiasm of so many individuals, NGOs, schools, and companies coming together

Session at VFS Global

People experience the organization through their managers and thus building inclusive behaviors among managers without being prescriptive about it is one of the keys to enhancing employee experience. What a pleasure it was to partner with the People Manager of VFS Global Delhi team and create an engaging, fun and