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Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Nurture a Diverse and Inclusive Work Culture through customized Gender Sensitization Strategies and Programs

Health & Wellness Portfolio

Drive productivity and profitability by creating a healthy and stress-free environment for employees

Leadership and Talent Development

Build a robust Talent Pipeline through Coaching, Bespoke Training and Leadership Development Programs Interventions


Human Resource Consulting

Improve Organisational performance by designing and implementing comprehensive HR processes with measurable HR metrics and outcomes

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Diversity Fatigue is real, and dangerous

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives have become a cornerstone of modern workplaces and social progress. However, a curious phenomenon has emerged – Diversity Fatigue. This describes a state of mental and emotional exhaustion arising from the constant focus on outcomes of inclusion efforts. While seemingly counterintuitive, it’s crucial to understand

Transformance Forums and MarchingSheep have been partnering for DEI summit & Awards | 7th June 2024, Mumbai

Transformance Forums and MarchingSheep have been partnering for DEI summit & Awards since their inception. And am very proud and delighted to share that each year, we have both widened and deepened the scope of coverage in content, making it an enriching experience for speakers as well as the delegates.

The Karnataka Sex Tape is a Failure of the POSH Act

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