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Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Nurture a Diverse and Inclusive Work Culture through customized Gender Sensitization Strategies and Programs

Health & Wellness Portfolio

Drive productivity and profitability by creating a healthy and stress-free environment for employees

Leadership and Talent Development

Build a robust Talent Pipeline through Coaching, Bespoke Training and Leadership Development Programs Interventions


Human Resource Consulting

Improve Organisational performance by designing and implementing comprehensive HR processes with measurable HR metrics and outcomes

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Sonica Aron at 7th World Diversity & Inclusion Leadership and Awards

“What makes a good DEI intervention succeed?” They asked our Founder and Managing Director, Sonica Aron during a panel discussion at 7th World Diversity & Inclusion Leadership and Awards 2023 hosted @TheTajlandsend, Mumbai. There are 6 steps that a #DEIchampions must do – 1. Make your business case 2. Diagnostics

Plea for Menstrual Leave in SC | Sonica Aron at Mirror Now

More than half of menstruating women experience pain for one or two days every month. For some, the pain is so severe that they are unable to perform normal activities for the first couple of days. Across the globe, there are several countries like Spain, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea,

Marching Sheep Celebrating 10th Anniversary | February 2023

We are 10! It seems like just yesterday when we started @MarchingSheep with the thought to make a difference to the society. Though our 10-year old journey has not been an easy one and we did have our share of topsy-turvy rides, it has only made us stronger and more