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Employee Survey on Work From Home | Sonica Aron at CNBC Awaaz

🔍 Did you know? Australia has come out with a “Right to disconnect from work” law, marking a significant step towards achieving work-life balance. But at Marching Sheep, we’re taking it a step further. We believe in moving from work-life balance to work-life alignment. It’s about making work a means

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Why Managerial and Leadership Capabilities are Important in 2024

Join Sonica Aron, our Founder & CEO, in this insightful video as she delves into the vital aspects of leadership and managerial capabilities, highlighting their profound impact on organizational success. In a world where employees perceive an organization through their managers, Sonica emphasizes the pivotal role that managers play in

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What is DEIB | Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging

At Marching Sheep, we believe that… “Diversity is a Fact. Inclusion is a Choice. Equity is Action. Belonging is an Outcome” In this video our Founder & CEO Sonica Aron elaborates these four key elements. #Diversity acknowledges the inherent variety in individuals based on factors like race, gender, and background.

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