At Marching Sheep, we believe that…

“Diversity is a Fact.
Inclusion is a Choice.
Equity is Action.
Belonging is an Outcome”

In this video our Founder & CEO Sonica Aron elaborates these four key elements. #Diversity acknowledges the inherent variety in individuals based on factors like race, gender, and background. #Inclusion goes beyond mere representation, emphasizing the intentional effort to create a culture where everyone feels valued and respected. #Equity takes the commitment further by actively addressing historical and systemic inequalities, ensuring fairness in opportunities and resources. The intersection of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion creates #Belonging, which manifests when individuals not only coexist but thrive within a supportive and inclusive environment as it signifies a state where everyone feels a genuine connection, acceptance, and significance within the community.

She further explains how the DEIB framework enhances innovation, creativity, and problem-solving by incorporating a multitude of perspectives. She stresses on the fact that diverse teams bring a rich tapestry of experiences and ideas, fostering a more dynamic and adaptable environment. Inclusion, as a choice, promotes employee engagement, leading to higher retention rates and improved productivity. Equity, as an action, not only aligns with ethical standards but also mitigates risks and fosters a positive corporate reputation. Ultimately, the goal is belonging—an outcome where employees feel a genuine connection, leading to increased loyalty, collaboration, and a thriving organizational culture that benefits the bottom line.

Watch this video to learn more on why embracing diversity, choosing inclusion, taking equitable actions, and achieving a sense of belonging are not just moral imperatives; but they are strategic business imperatives that drive success in the modern workplace.

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