“EmpowerHER: Accelerating Excellence in Women Leadership” program with Max Life Insurance Company Limited!

Excited to celebrate the successful completion of the “EmpowerHER: Accelerating Excellence in Women Leadership” program with Max Life Insurance Company Limited! It was truly inspiring to witness the growth, resilience, and authentic leadership displayed by each participant. They’ve honed solution-oriented mindsets, leading authentically, embraced vulnerability, mastered effective group leadership, and

International Purple Fest Goa

🌈 Celebrating Diversity at Purple Fest Goa! 🎉 Had an amazing time at #PurpleFest Goa, a festival that beautifully showcased the talents, strengths, and incredible spirit of People With Disabilities (PWD). It was heartening to witness the inclusivity and enthusiasm of so many individuals, NGOs, schools, and companies coming together

Session at VFS Global

People experience the organization through their managers and thus building inclusive behaviors among managers without being prescriptive about it is one of the keys to enhancing employee experience. What a pleasure it was to partner with the People Manager of VFS Global Delhi team and create an engaging, fun and

Manager learning session in Jakson Group

Gratitude and excitement fill our heart as we wrap up Part 2 of our transformative 3-day manager learning session in Jakson Group. Firstly, a massive thank you to each incredible participants who brought enthusiasm, energy, and a commitment to growth. The true highlight of the session? The collective participation that

POSH Sensitization

We recently conducted dynamic sessions at two group companies of a large media group, on the topic of #POSHsensitization. How do you make a topic like #POSH, engaging, relevant, and aligned with the evolving needs of today’s workforce? Using real-life anecdotes, relatable language, updated case laws, storytelling, quizzes, and more

Embracing Emotional Intelligence: A Journey from Childhood Innocence to Adult Expression

Children have profound comfort in expressing their emotions. As an adult, we often forget that fostering #emotionalawareness can lead to a healthier, more compassionate society. Join Krati Vyas on this journey as she explores the evolution of emotional awareness from childhood to adulthood, and from self-acceptance to workplace #emotionalintelligence. Let’s

Making Festival Celebrations Inclusive

Ever given a thought to making festival celebrations inclusive? If the question intrigues you, please give a read to this splendid article written by Kunal S. General Manager – OD Consulting and Facilitation MarchingSheep. The article captures the essence of true inclusion that can be achieved if one just puts

Sonica Aron at Zee Business | Artificial Intelligence AI will affect almost 40% jobs globally

As shared by Sonica Aron and Amit Dubey in the latest interview with Zee Business: Artificial Intelligence will affect almost 40% jobs globally: IMF report, the evolving landscape of work demands a strategic approach to skill development, especially in the era of artificial intelligence. So, what are the key skills

Panel Discussion at Purple Fest Goa | Technology for Enabling Inclusion and Accessibility

It was an honour to be a part of the Panel discussion during the #Purplefest at Goa along with experts like Vineet Saraiwala Vivek Misra @M Sebastian. Our CEO & Founder Sonica Aron speaks at the #thoughtleadership event held on 10th January on the topic – “Technology in fostering Inclusion

Sonica Aron at Aaj Tak | Building a Disability-Confident Organization | 21 Marching

There is still so much that so many people do not know, or misunderstand about #personswithdisabilities. There are still so many misconceptions, that lead to #stereotypes, there is still so much unawareness about both visible and invisible disabilities. Often, information about disabilities is scattered or unavailable, emphasizing the need for

Session at HSBC

At Marching Sheep, we take pride in crafting a safe, exploratory, and reflective space for enthusiastic and inquisitive individuals to delve into their personal biases. Our goal is to help them understand what inclusion looks like in practice and collaboratively create an individualized action plan, making the organization more inclusive

Session at Piramal Group

#learningjourney never ends. They continue. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the journey with the fabulous women of Piramal Group at Ahmedabad. Month after month, these women crafted their #goals, #actionplans, implemented them, garnered #insights, #reflections, grew as individuals and as a community. So incredibly proud