As our world and the workforce continue to rapidly evolve, it’s clear that we all need to develop alongside it if we’re going to keep pace with the changes.

The world is changing fast. Technological advancements, the emergence of new-age industries, evolving generations in the workforce and leadership, exposure to information through the internet, mergers, and acquisition, consolidation of companies, public and regulatory policy changes…. All of these impact our work, and how successful we will be.

In today’s dynamic scenario, recruiters are looking at certain behavioral qualities that will ensure that employees and businesses thrive. Functional competence is a given. It is the behavioral qualities that will separate the mediocre from the achievers!

Skills you will need to thrive in 2020

As we engage with Indian and international MNCs as consultants, there are a few competencies that strike as critical to survive and thrive in this ever-changing world, which recruiters are looking for-

1. Strategic thinking with hands-on execution- Today, recruiters is looking for talent who can think big, long term and translate that vision into on-ground flawless execution.

2. Ability to deal with ambiguity- It will a rare occasion when we will have all the information. The ability to operate and take decisions in ambiguous situations will be a key differentiator.

3. Adaptability and responsiveness- as professionals, we need to have our ears on the ground and respond to change with agility. It means that we quickly need to re-strategies, redirect resources, take quick decisions.

4. Solution orientation- there will always be challenges. The regulatory policy will change or economic sentiment will change or customer/ consumer requirement will change. Having a solution mindset will keep us above water even in difficult times. As the WEF report details, ‘More than one third (36%) of all jobs across all industries are expected by our respondents to require complex problem-solving as one of their core skills.’

5. Ability to build and nurture diverse teams- Teams that are diverse in their skills, experience, culture, exposure, gender, orientation will be faster to innovate and problem solve. It’s critical to build managerial and leadership ability to build such teams.

6. Empathy- Your team is your backbone. And you are as strong as your weakest team member. Enable them, empower them, train them, recognize them, help them in times of trouble, stand by them. As managerial and leadership age is reducing, this is one area that recruiters need to continue to focus on. Building empathetic and mature managerial and leadership pipeline.

7. Multi-cultural exposure and understanding- as the world is becoming a smaller place, we will work with peers and teams across the globe. The ability to work with people from different backgrounds, cultures, time zones will be a needed skill in today’s world.

8. Learning orientation- as individuals, each one of us will have to keep abreast of new trends not only in our own areas but what’s happening around us. Continuously upskill, read, learn new concepts, listen to diverse perspectives. Recruiters look for people who are constantly learning, evolving and acquiring new skills.

9. Commitment and discipline- with an evolving multigenerational workforce, employers are open to unconventional employment contracts, flexible work timings, project-based employment. However, commitment to delivery and timelines are non-negotiable. Incumbents are expected to manage their own time to ensure that deliverables are not compromised.

10. Resourcefulness &Resilience- times are tough and might get tougher. Our true mettle is tested in difficult times. We might not have all the answers but we might know and network with people who might have the answers. Build that network, resilience, stay the course, and continue to leverage all the above competencies.

As our world and the workforce continue to rapidly evolve, it’s clear that we all need to develop alongside it if we’re going to keep pace with the changes.

When the going gets tough- the tough get going!- Joseph P. Kennedy

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