In this conversation, we are going to talk about Dwarfism. The Bengaluru-based Dwarf Federation of India, guesstimates that there are nearly 2 lakh dwarf people in India. It defines dwarfism as a medical or genetic condition that usually results in an adult height of 4′ 8” or shorter among both men and women.

Today we have with us K.Y. Venkatesh, Physically Challenged by birth, 4’ 2” by height.

He has Excelled in more than one sport, like Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer & Volleyball, Participated in the Dwarf Olympic Games – 2005 and won 6 medals. His Name has been entered in the Limca Book of Records – 2016 to get the Highest Medals in the International events in a single year.
He Lead India at the Dwarf Olympic Games – 2009 and India won 17 medals, his individual medals were 4 (1 Gold & 3 Bronze medals).

He has been recognised by Kannada Rajostava Award – 2004, Ekalvya Award – 2005, Rotary International Award – 2014, Limca People of the Year Award – 2016 and Padmashri Award – 2021.

Yet, It has not been easy. Do join us for another candid conversation, as Venkatesh shares his journey.

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