Sonica Aron, managing Partner Marching Sheep, in conversation with Ruchi Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of Taru Naturals, an organic fair-trade foods brand, which focuses on sourcing and creating a market for organically grown super foods (such as Black rice, turmeric) from 10,000 identified tribal and small-scale farmer networks across India. Ruchi has been the recipient of several awards for Taru Naturals including, 15 Women Transforming India by Niti Aayog, 2020, GQ 50 Most Influential Young Indians, SheUnltd Food Enterprise 2019, Women Economic Forum Award.

In this conversation, we will talk about how international women’s day is not just one day, but a celebration of a journey, a journey which is still in progress, not yet complete, and there are still some gaping issues. And we are all aware of the issues, the question is- are we ready to bite the bullet?