Covid pandemic has brought long lasting shifts in the way of working. With many organisations considering permanent #workfromhome and #hybridworkingmodels, many policies will need to be looked at. One policy that begs attention is #POSH – Prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace. Sexual harassment is not confined to physical boundaries or an office space anymore, and the need to sensitize employees, re-training of ICCs, sensitizing leadership and the society at large to the newer nuances has become the need of the hour. We at Marching Sheep have been conducting #VirtualPaneldiscussion on topics that need to be brought to the fore and discussed, to drive awareness and change. We would like to thank our illustrious panellists from HR and Legal fraternity representing diverse industries – Nita Baluni from The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group, Amit Sharma from Volvo Group, Dr. Ankita Singh from Cignex Datamatics, Shobha Swarup from Diversey and Rajal Dua from Dua’s & Dua’s Advocates & Consultants for sharing their insights on the POSH Act and policies and for bringing in new learnings that will help the business community address the need for POSH to become relevant both in letter and spirit during this time of workplace evolution.