In a post-pandemic workplace, the need for psychological safety and empathy has come to the forefront as organizations realize the need to address uncertainties and new stressors employees face, whether they are onsite, virtual or in a hybrid environment.

In a recent pulse Survey by Marching Sheep, 47% of the respondents mentioned they expected empathy and psychological safety from their Managers and Leaders.

To foster a culture of transparency and support, specifically in a remote or hybrid work environment, it’s crucial that every single team member feels comfortable in openly expressing their opinions and concerns.

Psychological Safety is even more pivotal in a hybrid workplace, where emotional support is crucial for in-office and remote communication. An empathetic view towards the changing workplace is the need of the hour.

Through this Panel Discussion we look at having meaningful interaction to understand the role of HR, Leaders and Managers in Building a Culture of Empathy and Psychological Safety

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