More than half of menstruating women experience pain for one or two days every month. For some, the pain is so severe that they are unable to perform normal activities for the first couple of days. Across the globe, there are several countries like Spain, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Zambia and many more, where #menstrualleave has been legalised as per the law. As the representation of women in the workforce in our country steadily rises, it is the need of the hour to recognise this issue and address it in a meaningful manner. In a recent debate on ‘Time to Legislate Menstrual Leave?’ anchored by Tamanna Inamdar and telecast on Mirror Now and ET NOW, our founder and managing partner – Sonica Aron (She/Her/Hers) shared her thoughts along with esteemed co-panelists Adv Shailendra Mani Tripathi, Ritu Chakroborty Teamlease, Karuna Nundy Lloyd Mathias on how it is not only a legal system which is needed but also an #openmindset in organizations to accept menstrual leaves as a part of their policies. While there are 12 companies in India that have introduced “Period Leaves”, there is still a fear that putting a legislation in place will prevent organisations from hiring women. The fear that it will create backlash and prevent organisations from hiring women needs to be challenged. Just like there was backlash after implementation of #posh and after extension of maternity leave, this too will lead to conversations and normalisation of hitherto a taboo topic ‘periods’. It is about time that we give #womenshealth equal importance and make an effort to create awareness, sensitization and an enabling environment where women employees can thrive and contribute and are not just a number. #respectandequalityforall #makeadifference #womenshealth #periodleave #marchingsheep