There is still so much that so many people do not know, or misunderstand about #personswithdisabilities. There are still so many misconceptions, that lead to #stereotypes, there is still so much unawareness about both visible and invisible disabilities. Often, information about disabilities is scattered or unavailable, emphasizing the need for sensitization and education.

Building a Disability-Confident Organization is crucial for fostering a society where everyone has the right enablement to lead a dignified life. But, many organisations, despite the intent, find it hard to start the journey of inclusion due to lack of awareness of resources, what needs to be done and how.

Our Founder and CEO, Sonica Aron talks to Aajtak about how our in-depth research in the form of world’s most comprehensive DIY playbook for all 21 disabilities covered under the #RPWDact2016, and for 15 countries will help organisations understand each disability and approach their #mobility needs, #Accessibility needs, #Reasonableaccomodations needs, how to go about sensitizing the workforce, designing #inclusivepolicies, #legalcompliances and a lot more.

She highlights that incorporating mobility and accessibility tools, coupled with reasonable accommodations, is not only cost-effective but breaks down barriers that hinder equal participation. Sonica says that removing the barriers of readiness, Disability Confident Organizations become a ray of hope, creating a cascading impact on societal attitudes and structures. Embracing this initiative reflects a commitment to a more equitable future, where every individual, regardless of ability, can thrive and contribute meaningfully.

To know more about the Playbook, watch the full video here.