Proud to share the insightful cover story by Sonica Aron (She/Her/Hers), our Founder & CEO, in the latest edition of #HRAIMagazine centered around “Talent Tapestry: Weaving Success in the Modern Work Landscape.”

In this article, Sonica is sharing about our comprehensive research-based DIY playbook- building Disability Confident Organizations. With a focus on inclusivity, the report delves into the nuances of reasonable accommodations for all 21 disabilities under the RPWD Act 2016.

Sonica unveils the journey behind creating this impactful report, the candid conversations with people with disabilities, and the extensive research. The report answers the need for an in-depth and consolidated body of work to be available for those wanting to drive change.

The report offers a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be a Disability Confident Organization.

She says, “By recognizing and leveraging the unique threads within the tapestry, organizations can thrive and prosper in the modern work mosaic”.

A must-read for all striving towards fostering truly inclusive workplaces.