“EmpowerHER: Accelerating Excellence in Women Leadership” program with Max Life Insurance Company Limited!

Excited to celebrate the successful completion of the “EmpowerHER: Accelerating Excellence in Women Leadership” program with Max Life Insurance Company Limited!

It was truly inspiring to witness the growth, resilience, and authentic leadership displayed by each participant. They’ve honed solution-oriented mindsets, leading authentically, embraced vulnerability, mastered effective group leadership, and built an incredible circle of sisterhood. The journey was transformative, creating a network of resilient leaders aligned with organizational goals.

Grateful to Richa Singh for the opportunity to empower and learn alongside these remarkable and incredible women!

#MarchingSheep is proud to have led this transformative journey, and we are confident these empowered leaders will continue making waves in their professional and personal spheres!

Here’s to their continued success and contributions to organizational excellence!

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7158324430039904256/

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International Purple Fest Goa

🌈 Celebrating Diversity at Purple Fest Goa! 🎉

Had an amazing time at #PurpleFest Goa, a festival that beautifully showcased the talents, strengths, and incredible spirit of People With Disabilities (PWD). It was heartening to witness the inclusivity and enthusiasm of so many individuals, NGOs, schools, and companies coming together to understand and celebrate the unique challenges and capabilities of the #PeopleWithDisabilities community.

From captivating performances, creative displays to full-blown dance spectacles, the festival proved that there’s absolutely nothing that stops PWD from leading a life as vibrant and fulfilling as anyone else – provided we offer the right support and framework.

At Marching Sheep, we were thrilled to engage with hundreds of accessibility stakeholders, including devices, software, services, foundations, and companies. It was a fantastic opportunity to explore, collaborate, and contribute towards making the world a more inclusive place for everyone. Our CEO and Founder, Sonica Aron (She/Her/Hers), shared insightful perspectives as part of a panel discussion along with Anwesa Nanda (She/ Her) Rajesh Mehta Anupama Ratta Vivek Misra Anjali Vyas Vineet Saraiwala Nikita Sarah Singh Ketan Kapoor. The exchange of ideas and experiences aimed at breaking stereotypes and creating a space where People With Disabilities don’t just exist but truly thrive.

Let’s continue supporting initiatives like Purple Fest Goa and work towards a world where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated! 🌍✨

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7155461672340443136/

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Session at VFS Global

People experience the organization through their managers and thus building inclusive behaviors among managers without being prescriptive about it is one of the keys to enhancing employee experience.

What a pleasure it was to partner with the People Manager of VFS Global Delhi team and create an engaging, fun and yet impactful learning experience.

Thank you team, Saumya Chandra Harsha Shaikh, Neeti Sharma for the trust bestowed upon MarchingSheep for this continued partnership in building an inclusive work culture. Exciting journey it is to cover the ground one location one team at a time.

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7153239873808707584/

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Manager learning session in Jakson Group

Gratitude and excitement fill our heart as we wrap up Part 2 of our transformative 3-day manager learning session in Jakson Group.

Firstly, a massive thank you to each incredible participants who brought enthusiasm, energy, and a commitment to growth. The true highlight of the session? The collective participation that made every single person an active contributor. Your engagement has been nothing short of inspiring.

Moreover, we injected a hefty dose of fun and excitement into the learning process with a plethora of games and activities. Learning should be engaging, and our interactive approach aimed to make each concept stick while ensuring you enjoyed the journey.

We are genuinely looking forward to Part 3 of our learning journey. The momentum we’ve built together is unstoppable, and we can’t wait to explore more insights, strategies, and collaborative moments with this exceptional group. To everyone who attended—thank you for your time, your energy, and your commitment to becoming the best version of yourselves. Here’s to continued growth and success! 🌟

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7148904053425561600/

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POSH Sensitization

We recently conducted dynamic sessions at two group companies of a large media group, on the topic of #POSHsensitization.

How do you make a topic like #POSH, engaging, relevant, and aligned with the evolving needs of today’s workforce? Using real-life anecdotes, relatable language, updated case laws, storytelling, quizzes, and more kept the audience intrigued and participating. Anyone can read the act, it is the interpretation, implementation in letter and spirit, and handling of tricky situations that need attention.

Our session navigated through nuanced topics, distinguishing harassment, grievances, and sexual harassment while highlighting the significance of intent versus impact. To address current challenges and ensure a comprehensive approach, we explored the extension of #POSHguidelines in terms of workplace relationships. With the rise of virtual and #hybridworkplace, we tackled the complexities of handling remote harassment and navigating the virtual realm. The session underscored the importance of a robust redressal mechanism and vigilance against victimization.

Empowering employees with knowledge and strategies to create a respectful and #inclusiveworkplace is vital. Let’s continue fostering a culture that champions #equality and safety for all.

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7147867355883159552/

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Session at HSBC

At Marching Sheep, we take pride in crafting a safe, exploratory, and reflective space for enthusiastic and inquisitive individuals to delve into their personal biases. Our goal is to help them understand what inclusion looks like in practice and collaboratively create an individualized action plan, making the organization more inclusive for everyone at every level.

The magic unfolds when participants actively engage and challenge each other’s perspectives, share their experiences, and learn not only from facilitators but also from one another – just as it happened in this session.

Thank you so much team HSBC, Jyotika Menon, and Sonia Daryanani for your continued trust and partnership.

Is your organization taking steps to make workplaces more inclusive for everyone? It is no longer a choice, it’s a business imperative!

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7146012831312773120/

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Session at Piramal Group

#learningjourney never ends. They continue. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the journey with the fabulous women of Piramal Group at Ahmedabad. Month after month, these women crafted their #goals, #actionplans, implemented them, garnered #insights, #reflections, grew as individuals and as a community. So incredibly proud of each one of them, and humbled that they made me a part of their journey. Gratitude to the team at Piramal Shivaditya Banerjee Tathagata Basu Nidhi Sehgal Juneja Linda Baptista (She/Her) Preeti Pathak

And the team at MarchingSheep for co-creating and customising the intervention as the #learningneeds evolved Kunal S. Krati Vyas. You folks rock!

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7143466410864762880/

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Session at Carlsberg Group

Creating an Inclusive Culture is a commitment that requires everyday intentional effort. #Managers play a vital role in #EmployeeExperience and therefore, it’s imperative that the learning of inclusive behaviours cascades down through people managers.

Kudos to team Carlsberg Group for staying committed to the journey of inclusion and taking the learning of #LeadingInclusively one manager at a time.

Heartfelt gratitude Umashankar S, Anjali Bhatia, for making MarchingSheep your trusted partner in your cultural journey.

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7136215391055323136/

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DEI Sensitization sessions at VFS Global

DEI Sensitization sessions can be delivered in many ways. The key is to understand the participants’ demographics and partner with them during the session, just in case they were not solicited at the time of designing the curation.

It is not always about telling what is the right thing to do but also providing participants space to speak and share their on-ground reality. Making them feel heard, valued and understood goes a long way in inculcating inclusive values than preaching about them in the session.

Doing so through interactive, fun games creating an immersive experience without using a PowerPoint presentation brought out the human processes and team dynamics in the ‘here and now’ moments.

At Marching Sheep, we take pride in curating bespoke learning interventions to address business problems. It was a joy to partner with VFS Global, @Saumya Chandra , Harsha Shaikh, Neeti Sharma and deliver this unique workshop. The exciting journey and partnership have only begun.

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7135524191306461184/

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Women’s Leadership Session at Piramal Pharma Limited

Women’s Leadership Journey continues with Life at Piramal Pharma, Piramal Pharma Limited.
This time the focus was on building a support system that is invested in their success and growth, breaking barriers to networking, creating visibility, building positive relationships and building a repertoire for impactful communication.

One of the privileges of being a facilitator is witnessing the incremental changes that lead to transformations. Couldn’t have been more proud of this cohort. Kudos to their dedication and commitment.

Sincere gratitude to Linda Baptista (She/Her), Tathagata Basu, Shivaditya Banerjee and Preeti Pathak for the opportunity to partner in this exciting journey.

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7132943683342991361/

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Marching Sheep’s 3rd batch of DEIB Certification

On Friday, 17th November, we started with our third batch of DEIB certification in partnership with HR Desk- FICCI Quality Forum. A full batch of Curious, enthusiastic, experienced HR practitioners, full of wisdom, determination and grit, wanting to make an impact on the DEI journey of their respective organisations. Humbled by the trust placed by participants like Dr. Ajit Kumar Kar Harneet Kawatra Dhara Tanna Prabha Hadkar Arpita Datta Ruchi Dave Kshirsagar Sisodia Sanyucta Supriya Thankappan (Agarwala) Surabhi Sharma Sagarika Ganguly Rajiv Naithani Krati Vyas, each one of them leaders who are making a difference. Our journey continues 😊

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7132228861445963777/

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Managerial Effectiveness Program at 5Paisa

What happens when a bunch of enthusiastic and inquisitive People Managers from an organization get together for a Managerial Effectiveness Program specifically curated for their reality and challenges?
Well, you have to be part of it to experience the joy of learning together!

Thank you so much team 5paisa for being such wonderful and participative learners. Sincere gratitude to sachin katira, Sameer Chaudhari and Vikrant Birajdar for making it happen.

As we always say, employees experience the organization through their managers.
Is your organization trying to build the Manager’s capability to enhance employee experience, retention and development?

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7127129509081825280/

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