It was a heart-warming conversation between Sonica Aron and @Ranjini Ramanujam who is currently working as Assistant Manager at Infosys BPM and is a double national awardee. Ranjini is also the Indian women’s chess captain & International badminton player for the deaf and the first woman to get medal for India in Deaf Olympics. She has received the Arjuna, Eklavya and Rajyotsava awards.

Ranjini shared how she started speech therapy when she was a year old baby, her journey of continuous learning, working hard, step by step practicing, repeating again and again, till she got it right. It was noteworthy how the entire family, not just her parents, but her grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, even teachers, friends, classmates, speech therapists, neighbours, community extended support to help her reach where she is today.

A happy, confident, contented person, she speaks from the strength of having worked hard and achieved success. She calls her office her second home, where she has bloomed into a successful professional.

This is not one to be missed. Do take out time from your busy schedule and watch the full video. It will truly leave you inspired, and with lots of ideas on how we too can create inclusive spaces for people with disability.

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