Transformance Forums and MarchingSheep have been partnering for DEI summit & Awards since their inception. And am very proud and delighted to share that each year, we have both widened and deepened the scope of coverage in content, making it an enriching experience for speakers as well as the delegates.
This year when Abidali Dossa and I spoke about the upcoming conference, we wanted to make it the most compelling and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. From covering different dimensions of hashtag#diversity, talking about linkage of #DEI and #ESG, to driving hashtag#inclusiveculture holistically, to bringing in stellar speakers and hashtag#industryleaders who are not only making an impact in their respective organizations but at the societal level as well.
We constantly asked ourselves, how do we make the content unique, bring out learnings, insights and experiences that people can walk away with and apply in their organizations. How can we get people truly passionate about DEIB under one roof?
Many of you who have known me, worked with me, whether in my corporate stints or with Marching Sheep, would know that DEIB is not business for me. It is a mission and a passion. And I am grateful to Abid and team to make this event come live in letter and spirit.
Look forward to seeing you all in Mumbai on 7th June. This event is for everyone! #DEIheads #LnDheads #CHROs #CEOs