Sonica Aron at Zee Business | Is Working 70 Hours a Week Worth It?

What is the purpose and intent behind this idea?

Is it literally about the numbers or there’s a broader perspective around it?

Most of us have worked 70 hours a week at some point in our career. But is it advisable on a sustainable basis and was that the message being driven?

Is it for everyone or would should it depend on industry, company, the person and the role? A

How do we strike a balance between employee centric and high performance culture?

If these questions got you curious and thoughtful, check out the video as our Founder and CEO, @Sonica shares her perspective on sensational panel discussion anchored by @Deepak Dobhal on @ZeeBusiness with incredible co-panelists @Satish Sati, @Munira Loliwala, @Amit Kumar Agrawal

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CHRO Vision for Building a Culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Inclusion starts with awareness and it has to be the agenda of the entire organization. But are we equipping our leaders, managers, and employees to become a part of the journey of being inclusive?

A very pertinent question raised by Our CEO and Founder, Sonica Aron (She/Her/Hers) to the quorum of CHROs at the 6th CHRO Vision & Innovation Summit & Awards 2023 held in Delhi recently.

To know more about her insights on why and how the CHROs need to look at their organizations from a very critical lens as to where they stand on the D&I maturity matrix and create a multi-pronged solution approach to build a culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, watch the video here.

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GainSkills LnDConfex2023 | Understanding & Addressing the Learning Needs of Today’s Workforce

Whose learning needs are today’s organizations meeting, when they create their Learning frameworks? Does the “One size fit all” approach work for a learning organization?

A relevant question was posed by our CEO Sonica Aron (She/Her/Hers) at the L&D Confex and Awards held at Bangalore as she spoke about the evolving needs and expectations of workforces in today’s #BANI world. She emphasized that organizations need to identify their #learningculture, and provide the right mix of learning ingredients to their employees to further improve the efficiency and efficacy of L&D processes within organizations.

To learn the rest and collect some pearls of wisdom, checkout the video. Feel free to add your two bits in the comments section.

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Sonica Aron at MIRROR NOW | Lifeline Or Tightrope For Mothers | BTH

#workingwomen #maternityleave #Stereotype
Sub section 5 of The maternity benefit amendment Act which allows extended WFH at mutually agreed time between employee and employer came into the picture in 2017 but how many of us know about it? It again came to the fore during covid as an advisory.

By extending this benefit only to women, are we fortifying a belief that parenting is only a woman’s job? Is it perpetuating the stereotype and social conditioning that primary caregiver for a child is the mother.

How does this impact differently to new mothers in nuclear family versus those in joint family?

If women choose to avail this “benefit”, how does it impact their performance appraisal and growth opportunities in the eyes of managers against those who worked from office?

Check out this thought provoking panel discussion organized by @Mirror Now and hosted by @Shreya Upadhyay where our founder and CEO, @Sonica Aron challenges popular opinions along with extraordinary panelists @Zainab Sikander, @Rituparna Chakraborty, @Talish Ray

#maternityleave #extraleave #extramaternityleave #workfromhome #thoughtleaders #workingwomen #genderbias #inclusion #equity #equality #Makeadifference #Respectandequalityforall #Stereotype #Socialconditioning #perpetuatingbiases

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Sonica Aron at Consumer Adda Live | Female Employees In Workplace

#cnbcawaaz #makeadifference #representationmatters
21% increase in gender balance in comparison to 2021, 37% women at entry level as well as in leadership positions and 65% increase in registration of returning women in tier 2, tier 3 cities – as per a survey of 300 corporates in India conducted by @Herkey

Stimulating panel discussion hosted by @CNBCawaaz to exploring the trend of increased women participation in the workforce, its benefits to organizations and the support women require to stay and thrive at work.

Watch the full video for the insights from our CEO and Founder @Sonica Aron and wonderful co-panelists @Ujala Sabharwal and @Sonal Aroda

#womenemployees #femaleemployees #womenemployees #cnbcawaaz #diversityequityandinclusion #representationmatters
#conversationsthatmatter #Respectandequalityforall #makeadifference

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Sonica Aron at CNBC Awaaz | Indian Graduates Employability | Job Skills India

Recently on CNBC’s Consumer Adda show, Vipin Bhatt discussed the skills gap in Indian graduates, citing the ‘India’s Graduate Skill Index: 2023’ report, revealing that just 45% of job-seeking graduates are job-ready. Sonica Aron, CEO of Marching Sheep, joined the show to explore solutions for this gap.

Sonica’s emphasis on seizing control over one’s career trajectory by self-directed career development and embracing internships as a bridge from theory to practice is a beacon of guidance. She also goes on to talk about the challenges that still remain to be addressed and hopes that the dialogue between the media, industry experts, and graduates serves as a rallying call to cultivate adaptable skills and empower the future workforce to thrive amidst evolving market dynamics.

#employability #youth #internships #skillgap #conversationsthatmatter #futureworkforce #marchingsheep #makeadifference #respectandequalityforall

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Sonica Aron in conversation with Avinash Ananda, Leading Leadership Coach | White Page International

Driving change through both #processes and #intent. What an insightful discussion hosted by leadership advisor @Avinash Ananda on the new episode of ‘Leadership Matters’ by @White Page International where our CEO and Founder, @Sonica Aron shares her expertise, experiences and provides valuable leadership lessons. Watch the complete video on the link below to see how complete transparency, intense passion and integrity, compassion and involvement in humanitarian projects, and a self-effacing nature focused on the mission rather than self sets you apart as an exceptional leader! #LeadershipMatters #DiversityandInclusion #Equality #InspiringLeadership #thoughtLeaders #WomenLeaders #WomenEntrepreneurs #RespectForAll #MakingADifference

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Top Women Entrepreneurs 2023 | Fortune India

After being recognised as an Inspirational Icon in Leadership 2021, @Fortune India adds another feather in the cap of our dearest leader, Sonica Aron – Founder and CEO of Marching Sheep – by recognising her as Top Women Entrepreneurs 2023. Is your HR consulting partner double featured in Fortune Magazine? Check out this video to know what sets us apart. Heartiest congratulations to you Sonica, team marching sheep is super proud of you. Sincere thanks to @digilive and all our clients, partners for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and career. #Respectandequalityforall #Makeadifference #thoughtleaders #changemaker #WomenEntrepreneurs #womenleaders #changeagent #Marchingsheep

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Sonica Aron at Consumer Adda Live on CNBC Awaaz | Soft Skill Development

What do #softskills comprise of? Is it just about #communication or is there more to it? What’s a distinction between #technicalskills, #functionalskills and soft skills? Are you born with soft skills or can it be learned growing up or even as adults? How can you be better, do better and grow in your life, not just in your career through developing soft skills? Check out this live discussion with our founder and CEO, @Sonica Aron as she shares the importance of soft skills exclusive on @CNBC Awaaz. #RespectandequalityForAll #MakeADifference #learninganddevelopment #continuouslearning #careeradvancement

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Sonica Aron at 7th World Diversity & Inclusion Leadership and Awards

“What makes a good DEI intervention succeed?” They asked our Founder and Managing Director, Sonica Aron during a panel discussion at 7th World Diversity & Inclusion Leadership and Awards 2023 hosted @TheTajlandsend, Mumbai. There are 6 steps that a #DEIchampions must do – 1. Make your business case 2. Diagnostics 3. Make executable diversity charter 4. … To learn the rest and collect some pearls of wisdom, checkout the video. Feel free to add your two bits in the comments section. #DEI #D&I #RespectForAll #MakingADifference #Equality #WHRDC23

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Plea for Menstrual Leave in SC | Sonica Aron at Mirror Now

More than half of menstruating women experience pain for one or two days every month. For some, the pain is so severe that they are unable to perform normal activities for the first couple of days. Across the globe, there are several countries like Spain, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Zambia and many more, where #menstrualleave has been legalised as per the law. As the representation of women in the workforce in our country steadily rises, it is the need of the hour to recognise this issue and address it in a meaningful manner. In a recent debate on ‘Time to Legislate Menstrual Leave?’ anchored by Tamanna Inamdar and telecast on Mirror Now and ET NOW, our founder and managing partner – Sonica Aron (She/Her/Hers) shared her thoughts along with esteemed co-panelists Adv Shailendra Mani Tripathi, Ritu Chakroborty Teamlease, Karuna Nundy Lloyd Mathias on how it is not only a legal system which is needed but also an #openmindset in organizations to accept menstrual leaves as a part of their policies. While there are 12 companies in India that have introduced “Period Leaves”, there is still a fear that putting a legislation in place will prevent organisations from hiring women. The fear that it will create backlash and prevent organisations from hiring women needs to be challenged. Just like there was backlash after implementation of #posh and after extension of maternity leave, this too will lead to conversations and normalisation of hitherto a taboo topic ‘periods’. It is about time that we give #womenshealth equal importance and make an effort to create awareness, sensitization and an enabling environment where women employees can thrive and contribute and are not just a number. #respectandequalityforall #makeadifference #womenshealth #periodleave #marchingsheep

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