DEI Sensitization sessions can be delivered in many ways. The key is to understand the participants’ demographics and partner with them during the session, just in case they were not solicited at the time of designing the curation.

It is not always about telling what is the right thing to do but also providing participants space to speak and share their on-ground reality. Making them feel heard, valued and understood goes a long way in inculcating inclusive values than preaching about them in the session.

Doing so through interactive, fun games creating an immersive experience without using a PowerPoint presentation brought out the human processes and team dynamics in the ‘here and now’ moments.

At Marching Sheep, we take pride in curating bespoke learning interventions to address business problems. It was a joy to partner with VFS Global, @Saumya Chandra , Harsha Shaikh, Neeti Sharma and deliver this unique workshop. The exciting journey and partnership have only begun.