Today, organizations are taking cognizance of not just the professional lifestages but also the personal life stages of its employees. While there is a deliberate impetus around challenges women face as they navigate motherhood and other personal phases including marriage, care giving, childcare etc., but today fathers too are stepping up when it comes to childcare and want to do their fair share. But many a times, all that stands in their way are all pervasive social attitudes and inadequate support/policies at the workplace.

With Father’s Day approaching, Marching Sheep has created a unique pulse survey exclusively for fathers, to understand their perspective on this topic and how organizations can support them navigate fatherhood and the parental responsibilities that come along.

Please take this short survey using the below link. The survey is anonymous and would take less than 2 minutes of yours. Help us gather inputs to help organizations create an equitable workplace for fathers because your opinion matters!

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