As we approach the Pride month and the Global Pride Day in June 2022, we at MarchingSheep Sheep brings to you the second season of our Pride month campaign Marching with Pride- Out and Proud, a series of 5 candid live conversations where we would be having live candid conversations with people from the Community from different fields, different life stages and different geographies.
Conversations have great power, and in order to build an inclusive world, where everyone is valued, we need to bring forth conversations and lived realities to help break stereotypes and biases, With this campaign we aim to initiate #meaningfulconversations of change, experience their journeys, acknowledge the challenges and create more awareness on the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ community. We are delighted to have an illustrious group of guests joining us for this initiative , Ankita Mehra (She/her), Celia Sandhya Daniels  Abhina Aher, Chris Folwell and Zainab Patel.