It was a delight to be a part of Diageo INC Week, a week-long event dedicated to the driving principles of inclusion and diversity. This year’s theme, #MyBlendsAndBeliefs, encouraged individuals to embrace their unique attributes and openly express their perspectives on inclusion and diversity. The event’s objectives centered on uniting people through engaging discussions, emphasizing the strengths of their culture, and raising awareness about the importance of cultivating an inclusive environment.

During the event, Sonica Aron from Marching Sheep participated in a session on Neurodiversity, the importance of awareness and sensitization in the workplace. She highlighted the significance of welcoming and supporting individuals with neurodiverse conditions. Sonica also touched upon the critical role of managers in providing necessary accommodations like flexible work arrangements and communication adjustments to enable neurodivergent employees to thrive.
The session was further enriched with the active sharing by Diageo’s Mark Harvie and David Liuzzio. Mark and David shared their lived reality and examples, where Mark’s managerial support empowered David, a team member, not just to cope but to excel in his role. Their testimonial underscored values such as trust, transparency, psychological safety, and commitment to productivity while harnessing the strengths of neurodivergent team members.
Gratitude to Alefiyah Sarma for expertly moderating this meaningful session. A big shout-out to Avanthika Nair for inviting us to participate in this event!

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