Have you heard the terms working women and working mothers but have you heard the terms ‘working men’ and ‘Working #fathers’? Even though DEI as a topic has been around for years now, the gender norms still persist creating invisible barriers and obstacles. In her recent talk at TEDx, Sonica Aron (She/Her/Hers) Aron – Founder and Managing Partner, Marching Sheep spoke about the journey of her life and how she broke gender stereotypes to define her all. In her words, “Women can have it all and we certainly deserve to have it all. We simply need to define our all”. As women, we often let guilt take over our desires and passion in life. This talk is about how we drive following our passion at work and see ourselves grow in the journey. At Marching Sheep, we all are encouraged to find our calling and define our “All” and chase our dreams. A truly inspirational talk about following your dreams without guilt, women can have it all! Do watch, like and share your thoughts!