We recently conducted dynamic sessions at two group companies of a large media group, on the topic of #POSHsensitization.

How do you make a topic like #POSH, engaging, relevant, and aligned with the evolving needs of today’s workforce? Using real-life anecdotes, relatable language, updated case laws, storytelling, quizzes, and more kept the audience intrigued and participating. Anyone can read the act, it is the interpretation, implementation in letter and spirit, and handling of tricky situations that need attention.

Our session navigated through nuanced topics, distinguishing harassment, grievances, and sexual harassment while highlighting the significance of intent versus impact. To address current challenges and ensure a comprehensive approach, we explored the extension of #POSHguidelines in terms of workplace relationships. With the rise of virtual and #hybridworkplace, we tackled the complexities of handling remote harassment and navigating the virtual realm. The session underscored the importance of a robust redressal mechanism and vigilance against victimization.

Empowering employees with knowledge and strategies to create a respectful and #inclusiveworkplace is vital. Let’s continue fostering a culture that champions #equality and safety for all.

Link https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7147867355883159552/