In our first episode, Sarah tabet spoke about how vulnerability and courage go hand in hand. We have an inspirational story today of a woman, who realised early on that what society expected of her, and what she wanted from her life were very different. While it left her vulnerable it did not make her any less brave, as she focussed on what she wanted and pursued her dreams with full conviction.
So Today we have with us Dr. Ankita Singh, who is a role model to many of us today.

DR Ankita Singh, Senior Vice President and Global Head of HR at CIGNEX and Founder: HR Association of India.

Women can have it all, it’s just we have to define our ‘all’ instead of letting others define our all. Everything becomes clear once we define our all and work towards achieving it. Ankita’s story is testimonial to that where she defined her all, and went after it without guilt. Did she face challenges- yes, but she never wavered from her goals. And today here she is …. Living the life of her dreams… and we are all entitled to live a life that we dream of.

Do join us today to hear her journey in full!

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