Employee Survey on Work From Home | Sonica Aron at CNBC Awaaz

🔍 Did you know? Australia has come out with a “Right to disconnect from work” law, marking a significant step towards achieving work-life balance. But at Marching Sheep, we’re taking it a step further. We believe in moving from work-life balance to work-life alignment. It’s about making work a means to achieve not just financial goals, but to align it with the overall lifestyle aspirations of our employees.

🌟Our founder, Sonica Aron, recently sat down with CNBC Awaz with Pritika Yadav and Ritupurna Chatuvedi for an insightful interview discussing the evolving landscape of work from home and employee empowerment.

💡 In this intriguing conversation with the host and co-panelists, Sonica emphasizes that work is more than just a paycheck; it’s about how it fits into our lives, helping us achieve our broader life goals. Marching Sheep is committed to empowering the workforce across our client organisations, recognizing that one size does not fit all. It’s crucial for us to offer choices and flexibility, understanding that sometimes, all our employees are looking for is the option to work in a way that best suits their needs.

🗣️ “Listening to our employees and providing options is at the heart of what we do. It’s about empowerment, choice, and alignment,” Sonica shares. Because at Marching Sheep, we believe in the power of choice and the importance of aligning work with one’s desired lifestyle.

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Why Managerial and Leadership Capabilities are Important in 2024

Join Sonica Aron, our Founder & CEO, in this insightful video as she delves into the vital aspects of leadership and managerial capabilities, highlighting their profound impact on organizational success. In a world where employees perceive an organization through their managers, Sonica emphasizes the pivotal role that managers play in shaping the work environment.

Sonica challenges the conventional notion that leadership is merely tied to a job title. Instead, she passionately argues that true leadership transcends titles, focusing on the tangible difference a leader can make in the lives and careers of their team members.

The video goes beyond the theory and provides practical insights for managers to gauge their effectiveness in fostering a positive work environment. She prompts managers to ask critical questions about their leadership approach, encouraging introspection on whether they are genuinely making a positive impact on their team members.

Moreover, Sonica unravels the profound connection between managerial and leadership capabilities and an organization’s productivity. She articulates how these skills serve as the source of power that propels an organization towards enhanced efficiency and success.

Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking discussion that will inspire both current and aspiring leaders to reflect on their roles and strive for excellence in leadership and management. This video will undoubtedly leave you with a newfound appreciation for the transformative potential embedded in effective leadership and managerial capabilities.

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Diversity Equity & Inclusion Certification in partnership with FICCI | Participant’s Feedback

Our DEI certification program in partnership with @FICCI Quality Forum just wrapped up, and the feedback is nothing short of inspiring.

Here’s a snippet capturing the essence of the program and the fantastic vibes we’ve created together.

Key highlights you ask? – Practical assignments that charts organizational DEI journey, well-curated and wholesome course content, engaging delivery, creation of safe exploratory space with incredible peers to learn from and with, exceptional guest speakers, enriching conversations and personal transformation.

This isn’t just another DEI certification program; it’s a transformative experience that empowers individuals and organizations to embrace diversity within and outside of themselves wholeheartedly.

We are building a community and you’re invited!

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What is DEIB | Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging

At Marching Sheep, we believe that…

“Diversity is a Fact.
Inclusion is a Choice.
Equity is Action.
Belonging is an Outcome”

In this video our Founder & CEO Sonica Aron elaborates these four key elements. #Diversity acknowledges the inherent variety in individuals based on factors like race, gender, and background. #Inclusion goes beyond mere representation, emphasizing the intentional effort to create a culture where everyone feels valued and respected. #Equity takes the commitment further by actively addressing historical and systemic inequalities, ensuring fairness in opportunities and resources. The intersection of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion creates #Belonging, which manifests when individuals not only coexist but thrive within a supportive and inclusive environment as it signifies a state where everyone feels a genuine connection, acceptance, and significance within the community.

She further explains how the DEIB framework enhances innovation, creativity, and problem-solving by incorporating a multitude of perspectives. She stresses on the fact that diverse teams bring a rich tapestry of experiences and ideas, fostering a more dynamic and adaptable environment. Inclusion, as a choice, promotes employee engagement, leading to higher retention rates and improved productivity. Equity, as an action, not only aligns with ethical standards but also mitigates risks and fosters a positive corporate reputation. Ultimately, the goal is belonging—an outcome where employees feel a genuine connection, leading to increased loyalty, collaboration, and a thriving organizational culture that benefits the bottom line.

Watch this video to learn more on why embracing diversity, choosing inclusion, taking equitable actions, and achieving a sense of belonging are not just moral imperatives; but they are strategic business imperatives that drive success in the modern workplace.

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Sonica Aron at Mirror Now | Centre’s Push For Women; Bid To Boost ‘Nari Shakti’ Workforce

New Government Advisory on Women Parity: A Step Towards Equality

The Indian government has recently released a set of measures to enhance women’s participation in the workforce. This includes gender-neutral recruitment ads, promoting women in management, and providing maternity benefits to highway and construction workers and many more.

@Mirrornow hosted an interesting discussion and our CEO Sonica Aron spoke about how this advisory, if implemented well can make a big difference.

What Organizations Can Start Looking At

1. Systematic Barriers: It’s crucial for organizations to identify and dismantle systematic barriers that hinder women’s progress. Conducting gender-sensitive audits can uncover hidden biases in recruitment, promotion, and evaluation processes. Implementing mentorship programs and targeted training sessions can address skill gaps and create a more level playing field.

2. Infrastructure: Organizations must invest in infrastructure that supports women in the workforce. This includes creating safe and accessible workplaces, providing lactation rooms, and implementing flexible working arrangements. Embracing technology for remote work and virtual collaboration can also enhance inclusivity, allowing women to balance professional and personal responsibilities effectively

3. Governance Models: Reviewing and adapting governance models is essential for fostering gender diversity. Establishing diverse boards and leadership teams can provide different perspectives and promote inclusivity in decision-making. Developing and enforcing policies that address gender-based discrimination and harassment are fundamental steps towards creating a workplace culture that empowers and protects women.

4. Mindset: Shifting the mindset within organizations is a transformative step towards empowering women. Promoting awareness campaigns and training sessions on unconscious bias can help in creating an inclusive culture. Encouraging leadership to champion diversity and publicly recognizing the achievements of women within the organization can inspire positive change. A culture that values and respects diversity will attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce.

Why It’s Important

Promoting gender parity in the workplace is not just about fairness. It’s about leveraging the full potential of our workforce. Diverse teams lead to better decision-making and problem-solving. Plus, it’s a step towards a more equitable society.

Let’s embrace these changes and work towards a more inclusive and equal workplace.

#WomenInWorkforce #GenderParity #Inclusion #Diversity

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Sonica Aron at Zee Business | Artificial Intelligence AI will affect almost 40% jobs globally

As shared by Sonica Aron and Amit Dubey in the latest interview with Zee Business: Artificial Intelligence will affect almost 40% jobs globally: IMF report, the evolving landscape of work demands a strategic approach to skill development, especially in the era of artificial intelligence. So, what are the key skills to focus on for personal and professional growth in the coming era:

1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Harness the power of analysis and creative problem-solving to navigate complex challenges.
2. Adaptability and Flexibility: Embrace change with open arms and stay flexible in the face of evolving technologies.
3. Digital Literacy: Mastering digital tools is essential; let’s stay proficient in the language of technology.
4. Data Literacy: Decode the language of data and make informed decisions in a data-driven world.
5. Collaboration and Communication: Effective communication and collaboration are the cornerstones of successful teamwork.
6. Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and managing emotions—ours and others—is a valuable skill in any setting.
7. Continuous Learning: In a world of constant change, the commitment to lifelong learning is a superpower.
8. Cybersecurity Awareness: Safeguarding our digital presence is a shared responsibility; let’s stay vigilant.
9. Creativity and Innovation: Nurture creativity and be a catalyst for innovation in your endeavors.
10. Leadership Skills: Leadership is not confined to titles; cultivate leadership qualities in every role.
11. Ethical Decision-Making: Navigate the ethical dimensions of AI with integrity and responsibility.
12. Project Management: Organize tasks efficiently and understand the dynamics of successful project management.
13. Customer Focus: Prioritize customer needs to deliver solutions that add real value.
14. Cultural Competence: Work effectively in diverse environments, respecting and celebrating cultural differences.
15. Strategic Thinking: Align personal goals with broader organizational strategies for impactful contributions.

🌐 Remember, as we evolve, our skills should too. What skills do you consider essential in the age of AI? Let’s spark a conversation! 💬

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Panel Discussion at Purple Fest Goa | Technology for Enabling Inclusion and Accessibility

It was an honour to be a part of the Panel discussion during the #Purplefest at Goa along with experts like Vineet Saraiwala Vivek Misra @M Sebastian. Our CEO & Founder Sonica Aron speaks at the #thoughtleadership event held on 10th January on the topic – “Technology in fostering Inclusion and Accessibility”. She spoke about accessibility of the future, role and importance of universal design, and why it is so critical in today’s times.

Sonica shed light on the 21 Marching- Building Disability Confident organisations, our report on 21 disabilities across 15 countries, backed by compelling data, where we engaged with people with all 21 disabilities, their caregivers, employers, NGOs and allies, discovering the challenges they face along with solutions they need. She shared some key findings that highlight the transformative power of tech in breaking barriers. She shared that there are ever more tools for different disabilities serving different needs. The key lies in customization and understanding diverse preferences. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, organizations need to ensure that their initiatives are flexible, accessible and accommodating.

Watch the video to know more about Sonica’s perspective – that innovation is a powerful force for creating a more inclusive world.

Partner with team MarchingSheep and start the conversation, with #21Marching – Building Disability Confident Organizations – A comprehensive Playbook | 21 Disabilities | 15 Countries. Dive into the data with us and explore the powerful insights.

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