As shared by Sonica Aron and Amit Dubey in the latest interview with Zee Business: Artificial Intelligence will affect almost 40% jobs globally: IMF report, the evolving landscape of work demands a strategic approach to skill development, especially in the era of artificial intelligence. So, what are the key skills to focus on for personal and professional growth in the coming era:

1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Harness the power of analysis and creative problem-solving to navigate complex challenges.
2. Adaptability and Flexibility: Embrace change with open arms and stay flexible in the face of evolving technologies.
3. Digital Literacy: Mastering digital tools is essential; let’s stay proficient in the language of technology.
4. Data Literacy: Decode the language of data and make informed decisions in a data-driven world.
5. Collaboration and Communication: Effective communication and collaboration are the cornerstones of successful teamwork.
6. Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and managing emotions—ours and others—is a valuable skill in any setting.
7. Continuous Learning: In a world of constant change, the commitment to lifelong learning is a superpower.
8. Cybersecurity Awareness: Safeguarding our digital presence is a shared responsibility; let’s stay vigilant.
9. Creativity and Innovation: Nurture creativity and be a catalyst for innovation in your endeavors.
10. Leadership Skills: Leadership is not confined to titles; cultivate leadership qualities in every role.
11. Ethical Decision-Making: Navigate the ethical dimensions of AI with integrity and responsibility.
12. Project Management: Organize tasks efficiently and understand the dynamics of successful project management.
13. Customer Focus: Prioritize customer needs to deliver solutions that add real value.
14. Cultural Competence: Work effectively in diverse environments, respecting and celebrating cultural differences.
15. Strategic Thinking: Align personal goals with broader organizational strategies for impactful contributions.

🌐 Remember, as we evolve, our skills should too. What skills do you consider essential in the age of AI? Let’s spark a conversation! 💬