As we step into the month of June, a month celebrated as the Pride Month across the Globe, we bring to you a series of 5 conversations with leaders from the LGBTQ+ community, who will share their journey, lived experiences and their thoughts on what it would take to build an inclusive world.

On 2nd June, we have with us Celia Sandhya Daniels. Celia is an Asian Indian non-op trans women of colour who is an entrepreneur, musician, photographer, story teller, activist and a blogger. Born in a conservative family in southern India, she writes and speaks passionately about her struggles and challenges she faced in her family, work and community both in US and India.

As a management consultant with top fortune 100 companies, she educates, empowers and advocates for transgender and gender non-binary individuals in the corporate world. She has built allyship with local businesses, police dept, therapists, doctors, churches and civil rights organizations in US and India to educate them about bullying, transgender violence, discrimination, healthcare policies and employment.

Do join us for an enriching conversation.

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