Sharing the recording of our 3rd conversation under the # MarchingwithPride campaign, an insightful conversation between @Sonica Aron and Rahul Paswan. Heartfelt gratitude to Rahul for sharing his journey with such candour. An interesting thread emerges through the three conversations so far…Individuals from the #LGBTQ community understand the conflict and dilemma their families go through in accepting their sexuality and gender identity and are willing to give them time to come to terms with it and accept them.
Why can’t we then, understand and accept them? Rahul also brings out the importance of ignoring the pressures of the heteronormative society and letting curiosity prevail, to continue exploring, learning without guilt or shame, to express and seek help from allies for members of the LGBTQ community. Do watch this video to get inspired by someone who has overcome many hurdles. #pridemonth #lgbtqia #diversityandinclusion #inclusionmatters #diversitymatters #conversationseries #pride #createawareness #makeadifference #Voices #marchingsheep