Sonica Aron at 7th World Diversity & Inclusion Leadership and Awards

“What makes a good DEI intervention succeed?” They asked our Founder and Managing Director, Sonica Aron during a panel discussion at 7th World Diversity & Inclusion Leadership and Awards 2023 hosted @TheTajlandsend, Mumbai. There are 6 steps that a #DEIchampions must do – 1. Make your business case 2. Diagnostics

Plea for Menstrual Leave in SC | Sonica Aron at Mirror Now

More than half of menstruating women experience pain for one or two days every month. For some, the pain is so severe that they are unable to perform normal activities for the first couple of days. Across the globe, there are several countries like Spain, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea,

Marching Sheep Celebrating 10th Anniversary | February 2023

We are 10! It seems like just yesterday when we started @MarchingSheep with the thought to make a difference to the society. Though our 10-year old journey has not been an easy one and we did have our share of topsy-turvy rides, it has only made us stronger and more

What is causing your boredom at work | Sonica Aron at CNBC Awaaz

A recent study stated that today, most employees leave their organizations for lack of #growth and #engagement. Employees feel stuck or stagnated in their career and roles, when they do not resonate with their day-to-day work. In todays ever evolving time, employees need to be continuously engaged through #reskill, #upskill,

Sonica Aron speaks in a panel discussion on Women’s Equality Day by ET Now Swadesh

Womens Equality Day is not just about providing #equalopportunities for work, but also about developing open and accepting #mindset at a #social level. #Organizations are a sub-unit of the society and for any organization to drive #genderinclusion and provide equal opportunities to #women, we need to change the mindset of

Sonica Aron speaks on the gap in women participation on the higher level in the corporate world

Presenting Sonica Aron, Founder & Managing Partner-Marching Sheep speaking on the gap in women participation on the higher level in the corporate world, at BBC News Channel. #Womenparticipationinworkforce #womenempowerment #conversationsforchange #conversationsthatmatter #diversityandinclusion #makeadifference #MarchingSheep

Session on Unleashing the Power of Inclusion with HSBC

After a successful session in Mumbai, the learning continues with the Mobile Sales Force (MSF) team of HSBC in Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune-Hyderabad-Chennai. Unleashing the Power of Inclusion for one team, one department, and one location at a time. The journey to create an inclusive and equitable workplace for everyone is a

Our Founder & CEO Sonica Aron speaking at an event by Punjabi Chamber of Commerce

We often hear organizations and leaders talk about gender diversity and equity. Yet, often gender inclusion remains only in letter and not in spirit. As organizations, we need to accept the fact that our employees are a sub-unit of the society and therefore, to bring a change at the societal level, we need to bring

International Women’s Day session at Hilti India

What an incredibly energizing experience to connect with high-potential aspirational women employees of Hilti India on the occasion of International Women’s Day #IWD2023. From Sonica Aron (She/Her/Hers) personal life stories and practical inputs on overcoming self-doubt to taking bold steps toward achieving goals. The event was a true testament to the #strength, #resilience, and #power of women. Good reminder

Our Founder &CEO Sonica Aron speaking at FICCI L&D Summit, 2023

The workplace has changed and is constantly evolving. And so are the organizational and employee needs. With the workplace becoming hybrid, leadership expectations growing, and business challenges becoming more complex, organizations need to raise their game and understand the future of learning and development. Corporates need to be prepared to the changing definition of #learning,

Launching a Woman Development Program, Woman@Work at CNSI

It is not just about hiring women but also enabling them and empowering them to create their own table space. Oftentimes, women hesitate to speak up and demonstrate lack of confidence or the ability to articulate what we want to ask.   On this International Womens Day2023, Marching Sheep in association with CNSI , is launching a Woman Development Program, Woman@Work,

Starting your own business is a difficult job

Many of us dream of becoming an entrepreneur someday. Having your own business is a dream come true for many of us but it is not as easy as it seems to be. Oftentimes, new entrepreneurs face #biases and #assumptions at the nascent stage of securing funding, the fuel which keeps their companies going. India has