Employee Survey on Work From Home | Sonica Aron at CNBC Awaaz

🔍 Did you know? Australia has come out with a “Right to disconnect from work” law, marking a significant step towards achieving work-life balance. But at Marching Sheep, we’re taking it a step further. We believe in moving from work-life balance to work-life alignment. It’s about making work a means

Why Managerial and Leadership Capabilities are Important in 2024

Join Sonica Aron, our Founder & CEO, in this insightful video as she delves into the vital aspects of leadership and managerial capabilities, highlighting their profound impact on organizational success. In a world where employees perceive an organization through their managers, Sonica emphasizes the pivotal role that managers play in

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Certification in partnership with FICCI | Participant’s Feedback

Our DEI certification program in partnership with @FICCI Quality Forum just wrapped up, and the feedback is nothing short of inspiring. Here’s a snippet capturing the essence of the program and the fantastic vibes we’ve created together. Key highlights you ask? – Practical assignments that charts organizational DEI journey, well-curated

What is DEIB | Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging

At Marching Sheep, we believe that… “Diversity is a Fact. Inclusion is a Choice. Equity is Action. Belonging is an Outcome” In this video our Founder & CEO Sonica Aron elaborates these four key elements. #Diversity acknowledges the inherent variety in individuals based on factors like race, gender, and background.

Sonica Aron at Mirror Now | Centre’s Push For Women; Bid To Boost ‘Nari Shakti’ Workforce

New Government Advisory on Women Parity: A Step Towards Equality The Indian government has recently released a set of measures to enhance women’s participation in the workforce. This includes gender-neutral recruitment ads, promoting women in management, and providing maternity benefits to highway and construction workers and many more. @Mirrornow hosted

Sonica Aron recognized with the Global Woman Leadership award at the Global Women Leadership Congress & Awards, Mumbai

In the midst of the rich diversity of nationalities, professions, life experiences and life-stages, the common thread was the exceptional achievements of every leader. The joy and honour of sharing space with such phenomenal awardees were multiplied with moments of pride to have our Founder Sonica Aron (She/Her/Hers) recognized with

Sonica Aron at JobsPiker Podcast

Crafting a holistic approach to managing diverse talent in today’s dynamic work environment! Catchy as it sounds, listen to this podcast from JobsPikr and hosted by Parvesh Prakash where the Founder of MarchingSheep, Sonica Aron (She/Her/Hers) brings to the table intense HR expertise and invaluable insights gathered through on-ground experience

Sonica Aron in Cover Page of HRAI Magazine

Proud to share the insightful cover story by Sonica Aron (She/Her/Hers), our Founder & CEO, in the latest edition of #HRAIMagazine centered around “Talent Tapestry: Weaving Success in the Modern Work Landscape.” In this article, Sonica is sharing about our comprehensive research-based DIY playbook- building Disability Confident Organizations. With a

Session at HSBC

Facilitating change in perspective is a facilitator’s dream come true. The grip of social conditioning on our beliefs and worldview tends to be deeper than we imagine. Unravelling this grip demands an artful approach, one that Marching Sheep has mastered. Creating a safe, non-judgmental space, our team skillfully guides participants

DEI certification program in collaboration with FICCI.

MarchingSheep, we believe in #makingadifference. The DEI certification program is one such opportunity for us to multiply our reach by creating, training and learning from DEI enthusiasts and DEI professionals. Extremely proud and elated to announce that the third batch has recently graduated with flying colours from our DEI certification

POSH Sensitization at IIM Raipur

In its recent judgment in Aureliano Fernandes Vs. State of Goa and Others(Civil Appeal No. 2482 of 2014), the Supreme Court of India (“Supreme Court”) observed that even after a decade of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (“POSH Act”) being formulated, its

A Compassionate Approach to Diversity, Inclusion, and Well being

“Sorry we can’t help you, it’s the company policy.” Dive into this article to discover a refreshing perspective on crafting empathetic policies that prioritize people over bureaucracy. Read the full article here: A Compassionate Approach to Diversity, Inclusion, and Well being | LinkedIn