Do you know about your Shadow

It is no secret that humans have a side that they refuse to acknowledge. This is a common feeling that turns out to be true in some ways. Several experts even believe there is a way to access this “other side” to increase self-awareness and growth. And it is called

How to conduct an effective performance appraisal?

An effective performance appraisal system stresses that each member of the team must be aware of what their goals are, what the company’s goals are, and how their individual goals tie in with the company’s goals. As we close the financial year 2022, the onset of new year marks the

How women’s participation can be increased in blue or grey-collar jobs?

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Sonica Aron at 7th World Diversity & Inclusion Leadership and Awards

International Women’s Day 2023 Live Updates: Women Tech Leaders on “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality

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Contribution Of Women Entrepreneurs Towards India’s Economic Growth. How They Are Shaping The Future

About 20.37 per cent of the MSME industry in India is made up of women-led businesses, which also employ about 23.3 per cent of the labour population. In India's economy, women entrepreneurs are growing more substantial, and their contributions shouldn't be undervalued. These female entrepreneurs play a crucial role in

Financial Literacy Among Women: How To Close The Gender Gap And Raise General Awareness

Womens Day 2023: Today, women make up 44.84 per cent of our population, but only a small proportion of women have significant influence over the "how" and "where" of financial decisions in households Today, financial independence has become a vital element for the well-being of an individual. In fact overall well being

Our Founder & Managing Partner Sonica Aron got featured in Business Connect Magazine as the most trusted HR Consultant in India

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Marching Sheep celebrating 10th anniversary

We are 10! It seems like just yesterday when we started Marching Sheep with the thought to make a difference to the society. Though our 10-year old journey has not been an easy one and we did have our share of topsy-turvy rides, it has only made us stronger and more committed

Plea for Menstrual Leave in SC

What is causing your boredom at work

How to use the FIRE method for early retirement?

For many individuals, early retirement is the realisation of their financial independence dream. Early retirement offers numerous advantages, including the ability to live a stress-free retirement with your family. Nevertheless, before taking this decision, individuals should ensure that they have enough money set up for their post-retirement expenses and monthly