Diversity skills are key to thriving in globalised modern workspaces

The ability to understand, respect and embrace differences in opinions and mindset is no longer referred to as a desirable skill; it has become a necessity in today’s highly globalised and diverse employment landscape. Diversity skills: What and why Before we delve into the details of why employers are constantly

Pride and prejudice: Has anything changed for queer people working in corporate India?

Pride month honours LGBTQIA+ culture and experiences, and often sees companies adorning their logos in rainbow hues and launching initiatives aimed at the community. But has this meant ground-level change or only surface-level peacocking? Sauvik Acharjee has been paid less than his cis-gendered, heterosexual coworkers, despite having more experience. He

What’s Quiet Vacationing?

Gone are the days when employees sought approval from their managers and HR to go on a planned holiday. A significant portion of the workforce is now hesitant to use their paid time off. This fear can stem from various insecurities, such as feeling replaceable, being judged by managers or

Pride Month: Why we need to move beyond gossip about the LGBTQ community

It is disheartening and sad that people still gossip about the LGBTQ community. If the boy next door is gay, the neighbour near the local canteen will surely talk. It’s high time we move beyond this. If a gay person wears a sari to work, it becomes a topic of

Leveraging AI in HR: Enhancing Recruitment, Training, and Employee Experience

AI and ML have become buzzwords lately. Every conference, every meeting, every discussion seems to be about AI, its adoption, merits and demerits, its impact on ways of working, on jobs, and people. There are several new businesses coming up that are brandishing AI as their USP. Let us understand

Sonica Aron: Making a Difference to Peoples’ Lives and Careers through Marching Sheep

For a successful transformational global leader, her team is her strength. Company is never about monetary profit but lifelong connections she forges with her people. Whatever she does is always people-centric – her colleagues and clients alike. Thus, by putting her people at the centre of all her endeavours, Sonica

Key strategies for effective leadership development programs

The landscape of leadership is shifting and shifting fast. The evolving expectations of today’s workforce, the ever changing business environment, new business models, business processes, constant change, has made it imperative for leaders to embrace flexibility, adaptability and continuous learning. A significant shift for Controlling and directing, today’s most effective

How to Network Effectively as an Intern: Building Connections and Expanding Opportunities

Internships are a very special time in any young professional’s life. Not only do they as act as a passage from them being carefree students to responsible and accountable contributors, but for many aspiring professionals this is when they find financial independence, start to take pride in their achievements and

Marching Sheep: Navigating HR Training’s Evolution and Future

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Ms. Sonica Aron, Founder Marching Sheep. 1.How has Marching Sheep’s journey evolved, particularly over the past two years? What pivotal moments or strategic shifts have contributed to its transformation and continued success in the HR training landscape? As a consulting organization that

Skills Gap: Bridging the Divide between Education and Industry

IIT Mumbai Placement statistics caught everyone’s attention early this month when it reported that 36% students could not secure job offers this year. The same statistic stood at approximately 32% last year. This alone was worrying enough, considering that IIT Mumbai would attract some of the top talent from the

The top 10 self-made women entrepreneurs who are shaping 2024

Their success stories serve as a testament to the power of determination and hard work, paving the way for a brighter future for women in business. Newsmaker Media and Communications is proud to release its list of 10 self-made women entrepreneurs, celebrating their remarkable achievements and contributions across various sectors.

Unlocking the power of ERGs: Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), or Employee Support Groups (ESGs) have emerged as powerful catalysts in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives within organisations. These are voluntary, employee-led groups that bring together individuals with shared identities, interests, or experiences to foster a sense of belonging and advocate for positive change